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Meet Kolin: Griffith High School's Mightiest Ball Boy

Griffith's basketball team is currently dominating the court - but sometimes they need a little help. That's where Kolin comes in aka Griffith's Mightiest Ball Boy.

We recently caught up with Kolin to ask him a few questions about his job and why he loves it.

Not All Giants Are Tall – Meet Griffith Panthers Ballboy Kolin Gladney

Magic Johnson is 6’9” tall. Michael Jordan stands 6’6”. Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain stood 7’1”. When you think about the giants of basketball, players who ran and dunked and smashed records and backboards on courts across the nation, you almost invariably picture someone whose height towers over most others.

But not all giants on the court are tall. Standing at barely 4’, Kolin Gladney nonetheless creates a huge presence among his Griffith Panthers teammates and is a fan favorite at local high school basketball games here in northwest Indiana, chasing down balls and giving his older, taller fellow Panthers a run for their money during pre-game and half-time practice.

Kolin is the official ballboy for the Griffith Panthers this season, something that he wanted to do after visiting a few games earlier this year.

“The assistant coach, Gordon Grayling, brought me to a couple of games and I liked them. They’re good, so I wanted to be their ballboy,”said Kolin. “Griffith will be my home high school.”

The 8 year old 3rd grader currently attends Trinity Lutheran School in Hobart, but has his future clearly in focus.

“I want to go to Duke University,” said Kolin. “I want to play basketball.”

In fact, Kolin is already on a team, playing for John Anderson Boys & Girls Club in Gary, Indiana. When he’s not on the courts, passing, and shooting the ball, Kolin likes to study math.

“I like to add stuff up,” he said.

Kolin’s mother, Bridget Peppers is obviously – and justifiably -proud of her son.

“When coach Grayling invited Kolin to those first games… and they saw how much he loved the game and what he could do, they invited him to be the ballboy for the team, and of course we accepted. Kolin was thrilled. The players are all really great, and Kolin is especially fond of Tremell Murphy(#23, forward for the Panthers) and Anthony Murphy (#21, playing guard).

“They’re really tall,” Kolin added, nodding.

“We’re very happy to see him out there, getting experience… interacting with the players,’ said Peppers.

“He’s been playing basketball since he was 4 years old. He started at the Hobart YMCA, and then played for the Hobart league during the fall season. Now, he plays on the Buddy Team for the John Anderson.”

Ms. Peppers is excited to see how far Kolin will go in his basketball career, and both Kolin and his mother are excited at how well the Griffith Panthers are doing this season.

Kolin thinks that the Panthers have a chance to go all the way to state this year.

“They’re really good,” he said.

You can also watch this video on YouTube here!

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