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Rise of the Niner Nation at Andrean


They’re called the Niner Nation (NN): a group of students, faculty, alums, and fans dedicated to all things Andrean 59ers. Whether it’s football, basketball, clubs, or anything involving Andrean, sports or otherwise, you better believe that Niner Nation is tweeting, posting, talking, and attending that activity.

That’s what Niner Nation is: unwavering support of all things Andrean. It’s what, as NN Co-Leader and Andrean Senior, Caty McQuillen, says makes Andrean and Niner Nation so special.

“Because we are a private school we are nothing without school pride,” says McQuillen. “Without the support from everyone involved here, there would be no Niner Nation.”

Niner Nation is a growing tradition at Andrean. Started in 2014, the role(s) of Niner Nation leader is passed down from Senior to Senior(s). This year, the baton has been squarely passed to Mcquillen and fellow Senior, Joey Albomonte. And while the school officially looks over the Niner Nation social media accounts, the heart, soul, passion, and message is all done from the students.

“Even though it is monitored by the school, of course,” added McQuillen, “it is completely run by the students.”

McQuillen and Albomonte take to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even Snapchat to make sure that anyone who is a fan of all things positive at Andrean knows what is going on at the school.

“These accounts get the word out about all club, sports, and extracurricular activities at Andrean and encourage everyone to come out and support these students,” said McQuillen. “Niner Nation also lets people know about themes for upcoming games, charity events, and organizations that need volunteers.”

In other words, Niner Nation is more than just a megaphone and a rallying point for the great things happening at the school, it’s a show of solidarity, support, and togetherness for all the Niners, current and former, doing amazing things throughout Northwest Indiana.

Because, as McQuillen puts it, Niner pride doesn’t go away after graduation.

“Once a Niner, always a Niner.”

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