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About us

It's not about the house. It's about the people.
Boulder Bay Realty Group focuses on five core principles:
Integrity, Loyalty, Dreaming Big, Knowledge, and Working Hard

Integrity: The business decisions we make are beneficial to all parties involved. We do more than preach integrity and success; we show it through our example.

Loyalty: We will be dependable and reliable. We believe loyalty is earned. We will not take our business relationships lightly. We will be thankful and grateful for the clients we have.

Dreaming Big: Our team strives to improve every day: personally and professionally. Through commitment and support, we can reach heights most people think impossible.

Knowledge: We will educate ourselves on a continued basis. We will have open minds and teachable hearts.

Working Hard: This is how we separate ourselves from the pack! We approach every day as an opportunity to provide uncompromised, stellar service to our clients and team members.


"This company's foundation is built upon the principal of superior customer service and giving our clients what they deserve," says Broker/Owner Lynda Anderson. Remaining true to this belief is what has proven this team to consistently be the first in the areas of knowledge, technology and the availability of free services to their clients. "Every business decision is fundamentally based on one basic question, 'will it help the client?' If we remain focused on that, we will have a clear vision for the future."

Boulder Bay Realty Group feels very strongly about each and every one of their transactions, and they know that in order to help things go as smoothly as possible, it is their responsibility to continue to keep you informed throughout the entire buying or selling experience. They must be performing at a peak performance level for you.

"I feel that the more educated we are, the better service we give to our clients. I take pride in my team and feel it an honor to be working among each and every member. I see the knowledge that they possess as well as the care that they have for every client. It is refreshing to see them constantly putting our clients' needs before their own. It makes me feel that I have succeeded when I see our clients treated with the highest level of care and service by each team member," says Lynda.


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