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ABRA Rescue Angels
Addison Kuntz
Addison Pointe Health & Rehabilitation Center
Adriana Harris
Advanced Animal Medical
Advanced Dental Concepts
Air One, Inc.
AJ Capuano
Alaa Abdeldaiem
Alayna Holifield
Albert's Diamond Jewelers
Alex Nelson
Alex Srednoselac
Alex Vaughn
Alexis Jenkins
All Pieces Fit
Allison Flasch
Allison Nusbaum
Allison Tunstall
Alyssa Foster
Alzheimer's Association
Amber Nelson
Amecia Preyer
Ameila Kowalisyn
American Greyhound
American Heart Association
American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation
American Red Cross
Amy Blaker
Anabelle Tokash
Anchor Home Health Care
And The 2014-2015 NIETF Award Nominees Are...
Andrea John
Andrea Mackert
Andrea Marvel
Andrean High School
Andrew Rowe
Andrew Rowe & Peter Krivas
Angela Abina
Angela Abina & Alexis Jenkins
Anna Hanson
Anna Ortiz
Anna Ortiz And David Zuccarelli
Anna-Lisse Lenard
Annabella Piunti
Anthony Cleveland
Anthony Phillips
Ariel Cassell
Armando Gomez
Art Barn
Aubrey Baker
Autumn Prast
Avalon Springs Health Campus