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Marram Health Center forms strong connections three years out


When the pediatrician at your health center says he feels like a grandpa to the hundreds of children he has cared for, you know you have created something special.

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Routine checkups: Not just for humans anymore

Dog at vet850

One of the only downsides to owning a pet is that you can’t really hold conversations with them. Yes, over time, you develop little ways of communicating with each other, like when your dog signals it’s time to go outside. But pets rarely will tell you when something is wrong.

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Franciscan Breast Cancer Programs Receive Indiana Grants

Franciscan-Breast-Cancer-Programs-Receive-Indiana-Grants-2019The Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust has awarded $59,380 in grants to support Franciscan Alliance programs that provide screenings and post-diagnostic services. The grants assist lower-income, medically underserved Hoosier women who have had a breast cancer diagnosis, with food, transportation, rent and utilities.

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Community Healthcare System opens Immediate Care in Munster


The last thing most people want when they get sick is a trip to the emergency department. Oftentimes, emergency care isn’t necessary to get you on your way again. Community Healthcare System’s new Immediate Care facility in Munster opened January 28 to help patients get the highest level of care they need without a trip to the ED. They hosted an open house at the new building on Saturday.

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Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center unpacks why women shouldn't fear mammograms


With any health screening, it’s important to make appointments with the mindset of preventing potential risks from escalating.

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All dressed up and going home: John Moffit graduates from therapy at Addison Pointe


As we age, the smallest of falls or the simplest of colds can turn into major health issues, quickly. And, it usually takes longer to recover. Facilities like Addison Pointe Health and Rehabilitation Center like to celebrate when their patients graduate from sickness to health.

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St. Mary Medical Center Participating in National Smoking Cessation and Lung Screening Trial

chs-stock St. Mary Medical Center is one of 18 hospitals or health centers nationwide participating in the Cessation and Screening to Save Lives (CASTL) Trial, which looks to identify the most effective tobacco-cessation techniques for lung cancer screening programs. The study is being conducted by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NYU Langone Health and the Lung Cancer Alliance Screening Centers of Excellence Network which includes St. Mary Medical Center.

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Alzheimer’s Association Greater Indiana Chapter to Host Community Forum in Valparaiso

Alzheimer-s-AssociationThe Alzheimer’s Association Greater Indiana Chapter is hosting a Community Forum in Valparaiso to better understand the needs of the community and reach more residents affected by the disease. The public is invited to come together to ask questions about Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, share their personal experiences, learn about available resources and discover volunteer opportunities.

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Munster Med-Inn's Outpatient Therapy Offers Clients Freedom and Specialized Care


The road to full recovery after a major surgery such as a knee or hip replacement can be quite the journey. Many patients in the region qualify to recuperate at rehab facilities such as Munster Med-Inn, which offers comprehensive programming designed to get patients back to their normal lives as soon as possible. Others prefer the option of outpatient rehabilitation, where they can benefit from the clinical expertise of the Munster Med-Inn staff on an appointment basis, while getting a good night’s sleep in their own bed.

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Cubii™ Compact Elliptical Machine Trial Implemented at Spring Mill Health Campus


For many surgical patients, rehabilitation can be very challenging. Physical therapy in itself can be exhausting and cumbersome even at a comfortable and skilled facility such as Spring Mill Health Campus. Often, access to therapy can be an issue. To help patients achieve maximum post-surgical rehabilitation and activity levels, Spring Mill Health Campus is working with Orthopedic Surgeon and Total Joint Replacement Specialist Dr. Vineet Shah from Methodist Physician Group on a new trial that is already showing promising results.

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Robert J Franko: Trust is the Cornerstone of Care at VNA of Northwest Indiana

2019VNAPresident (2) (1)

It’s my privilege to serve as the new President/CEO of the VNA of Northwest Indiana. I’m humbled and honored beyond words to lead this organization and know that I’m standing on the shoulders of giants of past board members, supporters, and especially founder Laura Harting. To be given the trust of our board and staff, of our patients and community is an awesome thing. Trust.

It’s a big word. It means a lot of things in different contexts; bankers think about it one way, investors have a different take, but for most of us it is the foundation of our relationships. Trust is the conglomeration of a lot of different components such as integrity, faith, loyalty, and commitment. It is not to be taken lightly, nor is it a commodity whose value fluctuates with whatever conditions exist. I take it very seriously.


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