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Lincolnshire Healthcare and Rehabilitation Educates the Region with 2018 Social Media and Health Fair

On Wednesday, Lincolnshire Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center hosted a Social Media and Wellness fair. Featuring booth after booth of essential information, food, raffles, and a social media boot camp hosted by our own Ideas in Motion Media, the event provided seniors and their caretakers all the tools necessary to stay healthy mentally, physically, and socially.

Lincolnshire is one of a handful of facilities under the management of Extended Care Clinical, LLC. By providing high quality care and advanced therapy and rehab, Lincolnshire enriches the quality of life for every person that comes through their doors. However, no one facility can do everything so they recruited a number of their partners and fellow senior healthcare community members and hosted the fair to showcase the array of options available across Northwest Indiana.

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“As a healthcare professional, I feel like all of us have to work together,” said Kelly Petty, Regional Director of Business Development at Extended Care Clinical. “We may not have a service that someone is looking for, so we rely on our professional partners to help our families know what resources are available to them.”

Many traditional healthcare service providers set up shop at Lincolnshire, but a number of unique therapeutic options that might sound strange on the surface appeared as well. FLOAT SIXTY, opened in Schererville just this year, and offers sensory deprivation tanks where people float in soundproof pools of salt water, as well as cryotherapy where individuals are exposed to cold tempatures through water, air, or other means to relieve muscle pain, swelling, and other types of tissue damage.

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“LeBron James, the basketball player, uses it and has a cryotherapy tank in his home,” said Beatrice Vode, Brand Ambassador for FLOAT SIXTY. “Seniors in particular benefit because they’re often suffering from inflammation issues. This is a great alternative method to reduce that other than just medication.”

Other vendors included Affordable Hearing Aids, which offers discounted hearing aids that enable seniors to start enjoying simple things like lunch with friends again. These tools and services impressed many seniors in attendance such as Yolinda Theis, who regularly attends various health fairs.

“These events really help out, some people never get out of their homes to find these things out so we hang on to a lot of the information to give to people in church or to friends that we know need help,” Theis said. “My husband went to the doctor after someone at a seminar like this pointed out something on his nose that turned out to be pre-cancer. Events like this can save lives.”

Candace Arvin, Business and Client Development at Ideas in Motion Media, hosted a “Social Media Bootcamp” for the seniors in attendance. They learned about Facebook, how to navigate the internet, and how social media can impact their lives.

“First and foremost, it helps them stay connected with friends and family, which can sometimes be more difficult for seniors with limited mobility,” Arvin said. “It can also help them remain involved in their community by keeping them informed on volunteer opportunities, events, and other resources like today’s event.”

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