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StoryPoint Senior Living Gears Up For Casino Day With Celebratory Breakfast

While the Chesterton community anxiously awaits the opening of StoryPoint Senior Living, the staff isn’t waiting to get started on great events. Partnering with Addison Pointe next door, StoryPoint offered future residents and seniors in the local community a chance to take an excursion to the new Four Winds Casino in South Bend.

With a breakfast, goody bag, credits for the casino, and bus transportation all provided for the seniors at a small cost, the trip was an opportunity for them to get out and have a great time. Judy Kukelka, Business Development Specialist for StoryPoint, had planned similar trips in the past and witnessed the great response they received.“The seniors have a lot of fun. We’re doing them about once every quarter, and then once we open we’ll be able to offer breakfast over there, but it’s great to have Addison Pointe right next door to partner with,” Kukelka said. “At StoryPoint, our goal is to not only bring our future residents together, but seniors in the community. With a great atmosphere, great life enrichment programs, and things like that, just ways for them to get out of their house and meet other people and socialize.”

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Kukelka wasn’t the only one excited for the trip, though. Getting out of the house for the day presented a great opportunity for many, especially because it didn’t require them to drive.

Carol Lambert expressed her excitement over being able to take the trip without encountering the stresses that going alone can bring.

“I think this is great, we need more day trips,” Lambert said. “It gives people something to do. I’m looking forward to having a good time, meeting new people, and making some new friends. I’m excited!”

Cheryl Olay, Robyn Waterbury, and Judy Ross, who also were attending the trip, echoed her sentiments.

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“I’m looking forward to the bus ride and talking and meeting new people. I’ve never been to South Bend before and I’ve never been to Four Winds so the whole experience is going to be fun,” Olay said.

“This is the first one I’ve ever been on and I’m excited to go. I like the idea of not having to drive, a bus is a great idea,” Ross said.

“I love going on daytrips and going on the bus. You get to go to new places and find new experiences and just enjoy the day,” Waterbury added. “Plus, I’d like to come back with a little money in my pocket.”

Coordinating the event wouldn’t have gone so smoothly without the help of Juanita D’amico, Kukelka’s former coworker. Even after retiring and beginning her own travel business, she still was eager to help..

“As an activity director, I learned that it’s very important for seniors to get out and to keep them motivated. You want to keep them doing things that they like to do,” D’amico said. “The reaction has been really good; right away we planned four trips.”

As the second of these trips, Wednesday morning’s event featured all the elements to make it fantastic. After finishing the complimentary breakfast, casino goers grabbed their goody bags and boarded the bus, eager to cash in on a day away.

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