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Extended Care Hosts Senior Executive Luncheon at Spring Mill Health Campus

While most senior living facilities strive to create opportunities for their residents to engage and remain active, it’s important to take a step back and make sure seniors are getting the most out of their senior living experience, and their golden years overall. On June 5, Spring Mill Health Campus opened its doors to seniors throughout the Northwest Indiana community to discuss exactly what they expect from their senior healthcare providers. The Senior Executive Luncheon promised food and feedback.

Extended Care Consulting representatives sponsored the luncheon, seeking a chance to gain firsthand insight on what really matters to the community’s seniors. The event included a tour of the Spring Mill Health Campus facilities, a light lunch, and an open forum.

Megan Bishop, Regional Director of Business Development for Extended Care Consulting, was thrilled to host the event once again, as it hasn’t taken place in more than a year.

“We were just able to reinstitute it,” Bishop said. “We are very excited to bring it back into this building.”

Bishop said the point was to get senior citizens talking among themselves and with the Extended Care and Spring Campus representatives.

“We’re asking them what’s important to them going forward,” Bishop said. “Are they interested in resources, speakers, doctors? What are they looking for from us? Because we want to be a resource to our seniors.”

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Bishop had high expectations for the outcome of the event itself, and she expressed hope that it would shift the senior healthcare industry in a more collaborative direction.

“I think, in this industry, we tend to put on events or host things to dictate what a senior should want to come and do,” Bishop said. “This is our chance to ask, ‘What do you want to see? Should I bring a jewelry vendor? Or should I bring entertainment? Should I bring a doctor? What’s important?’ Maybe it’s a combination of all of them. We’re going to find out today what’s really important to our seniors in the Northwest Indiana community.”

Visitor Patricia Makar had attended Senior Executive Luncheons in years past.

“I’m excited to be back,” Makar said, expressing her interest in the discussion to follow.

Everyone chatted easily with each other, , another goal Bishop was happy to meet

“We want our seniors to consider Spring Mill Health Campus for their future healthcare needs,” Bishop said. “So, we’ve asked them to come out, visit, take a look around, share their success stories, and meet each other.”

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