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Cosmic Black Light Bingo Proves a Unique Experience for Residences at Deer Creek

Residences at Deer Creek is always looking for new ways to bring fun, engaging, and dynamic events to their residents. That extends even to the time-honored game of bingo, a tradition enjoyed by many of the Residence’s occupants. In a twist called “Cosmic Bingo,” Deer Creek residents donned glow stick necklaces and armed themselves with luminescent bingo chips as they played the game of chance under black light.

Residences at Deer Creek’s Life Enrichment team put the event together. They are a group dedicated to hosting the events that make Residences at Deer Creek a unique, social, and fun place to live. For three years now Stefan Parra, a Life Enrichment team member, has been the bingo caller – earning the nickname “Mr. Bingo.”

“I’m always in favor of changing up bingo,” said Parra. “I’ve been calling it every Tuesday and Friday for three years now. The most important thing is to know what the residents want or need, some of them are here strictly for the game, while others are looking to talk and be social.”

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As they took their seats and put on their necklaces, some residents expressed skepticism. Once the room lights went off and the black lights turned on, they settled in and found their groove. In some ways, it ended up being a team effort as the residents helped each other find numbers on their friend’s cards. The event demonstrated that the events are about more than just having fun, they help build a community and keep residents active, social, and happy.

“This is a good method to do bingo in a different way,” said Karen Redar, Director of Life Enrichment. “It keeps it fresh and engaging without changing the game of chance. The residents are always good sports about trying new things like this. Maybe they won’t like it and we’ll turn the lights on in 5 minutes, but they’re always willing to see how it goes.”

The seniors’ eyes adjusted to the “cosmic” lighting quickly, and they played out the whole session under the black lights. Thanks to the huge variety of events that Residences at Deer Creek hosts, everyone can find something to enjoy regardless of personal tastes or health limitations. One bingo lover, Delores Czech, appreciates how accommodating the events are for the residents.

“I play bingo all the time, twice a week at least,” said Delores Czech, who’s been living at the Residences at Deer Creek for eight months. “I’m on oxygen so I’m limited to what I can do because it only lasts a couple hours. I didn’t know what ‘Cosmic Bingo’ would be before I got here, but now that I’ve been told I think it’ll be really fun!”

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