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Lincolnshire Health and Rehabilitation Collects Donations for Local Salvation Army

For the staff of Lincolnshire Health and Rehabilitation, the holidays presented an opportunity to serve their community in a meaningful way. During the month of November they collected donations to give to a local shelter, calling on friends and family to provide gently used clothing for donation.

The shelter itself ended up receiving so many donations during the season that they couldn’t accept what Lincolnshire had to donate. Instead, Lincolnshire ended up donating to the Salvation Army. Though it wasn’t their original plan, they were happy to give back to the community and provide for those in need.

“Originally the Admissions Department was working with The Rainbow Shelter for Battered Women and Children,” explained Aisha McMurray, Director of Business Development for Lincolnshire. “Two weeks before Christmas, I was informed that the Rainbow Shelter no longer had room for any other donations. With all of the donations Lincolnshire had, we still wanted to help the community. I drove the boxes to the Salvation Army and was greeted with smiles when the staff saw the amount of donations.”

At Lincolnshire, the staff, family, and friends got behind the effort and donated two large Lowes moving boxes and three lawn-sized Hefty bags full of clothing. Items collected included all sizes of dress clothes, business casual items, coats, and shoes.

“The Lincolnshire Family started collecting during the beginning of November up until the week of Christmas,” explained McMurray. “On the first day, we already had one box filled up. Everyone was onboard and happy to give what they could to help out.”

With the donations, Lincolnshire was able to demonstrate their dedication to giving back to the community. As a smaller facility, they may not seem like the most likely place to provide such a large amount of donations, but through the dedication of caring staff and friends of the facility, they presented much more than expected.

“Lincolnshire is a small facility that prides itself on being family oriented and involved in the community as much as possible,” said McMurray. “Any opportunity that Lincolnshire has to give back to the community and show our support, we are more than happy to participate.”

Focusing on the community remains an important and valued part of Lincolnshire Health and Rehabilitation. While they may be a small facility, they were able to gather a large amount of donations for their local Salvation Army. The future is sure to hold even more demonstrated ways of their commitment to aiding those in need.

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