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Jacqueline Heim Celebrates 30 Years at Dyer Nursing and Rehabilitation

These days, keeping an employee for 30 years is an impressive feat. At Dyer Nursing and Rehabilitation, Jacqueline Heim is one employee who has given 30 years of her life to the facility, and has loved her time there.

In 1988, Heim began as a part-time cook in the facility, working late hours to help put her daughter through college. Though she’s now in her 70’s, she’s not slowing down.

“I didn’t start here until I was 40,” explained Heim. The guys in the kitchen are very helpful. They’ve made it easy for me to stay here.”

Over time, she’s developed a fondness for residents and takes pride in them enjoying her food. While there are set recipes and meal plans they must abide by, adding a little extra care can make a world of difference for the residents.

“The residents keep me here. I love them,” said Heim. “I love when they say something tastes homemade, or it’s just how they remember. I want to make them happy.”

For many, food is a source of comfort and in a care facility, the meals don’t always have the best reputation. Dyer Nursing, however, boasts a wonderful menu full of real food that residents can look forward to. They even accommodate family members as needed, to be sure they are satisfied with the meals.

“We have a steam table in the dining room so you get to see the people coming in. If a family member wants to eat with a resident, I think that’s a compliment,” said Heim.

Making people happy is something the kitchen staff specializes in, but for Heim and the others, the nursing and CNA staff is just as important in making sure the residents are satisfied.

“The staff is wonderful,” said Heim. “They’re friendly and very caring. I can see in the dining room that they try to accommodate residents whenever they can. They ask how you are and they’ll tell you that the residents like your meal today.”

For Heim, the last 30 years have been spent working toward making residents happy in the kitchen of Dyer Nursing and Rehabilitation. Though three decades may seem a long time, for Heim, it’s all worth it to make the residents happy and give them a taste of something special.

“I love the residents. If there’s anything you can do to make them happier, please them a little bit, or make them feel good, you do it. You want to make this feel like their home,” said Heim.

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