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Residences at Deer Creek Improves Quality of Life for Residents with Dementia with Snoezelen Therapy

Residences at Deer Creek, a premiere senior living community in Schererville, was recently named a “Caring Super Star of 2019.” This nationwide honor means that according to consumers on one of the leading portals for senior care information,, Residences at Deer Creek is one the nation’s leading service providers. One of the main reasons they cultivate trust and satisfaction with their residents, is due to their innovative ways for improving the quality of life for their residents, such as their Snoezelen Therapy Environments.

Snoezelen is a therapeutic approach that creates a calming, multi-sensory experience that lowers stress and promotes natural relaxation. Entering a Snoezelen room is a striking experience, filled with unique sights, sounds, and smells that combine to promote mental health in anyone. Research shows that dementia patients in particular enjoy both short and long-term benefits from multi-sensory therapy.

The center of Residences at Deer Creek’s Snoezelen experience is the series of “bubble tubes” that cycle through every color imaginable. Memory care residents can gaze at the tubes and track the bubbles that flow through them, promoting color recognition and visual perception. There is also an 8-Way switch that lets residents cycle through colors on demand, allowing users to control their therapeutic experience.

Aromatherapy is also core to the experience. When combined with the sights and sounds, the calming aromas that fill the therapy room provide relief from anxiety and depression as well as improved sleep. Everything comes together to provide residents with a way to improve their quality of life in a safe, fun environment.

These therapies are a a fun, relaxing way for residents to spend their time while also letting them take charge of promoting their own positive mental health. Snoezelen is just one of the number of holistic therapies that Residences at Deer Creek provides to enrich the lives of their residents. To learn more about Residences at Deer Creek, visit them at

Residences at Deer Creek
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