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Hobart: Although Our City Is Not Perfect, It's Wonderful

Hobart has one of the best police departments around and our fire department is second to none. Members of our public works department bust their rears to get things done! We have one of the most progressive city governments with a progressive Mayor and council that works well together. We have a wonderful downtown with events constantly going on. The lake front is on its way to being more beautiful than it was already and our special events are getting bigger and better every year. Finally, our school system is one of the best around with new facilities and state of the art technology.


I have never seen a community that comes together like Hobart does when tragedy strikes. We all reach out and help - we care and love each other through tough times.

Hobart is in on the move in the right direction. This is my forever home and I love Hobart. This is where I wanted to raise a family.


It's time we all start spreading all the positive things Hobart has to offer so we can continue to recruit great families to the city.

Hobart I love you, you are such a friendly city.
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