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#1Student highlights Boone Grove happenings

Mrs. Coffin has been working as the director of nursing for four years. As a school nurse, she sees many students every day, but Mrs. Coffin goes out of her way to make sure every student in Boone Grove High School has a support system to become the best versions of themselves.

“I think that my role in the school varies greatly from most others because I am not looking at the student in the same academic light as the teaching staff,” Coffin said. “I view each student as an individual with different needs, and that looks different for each person that walks into my office.”

Mrs. Coffin is important to the student body because she is someone students feel comfortable to go to when they need help. “She is a really giving person who takes the time to get to know her students and it makes it feel like home,” said Gia Stark. “As a high school student, it is good to have someone in your corner. When you are stressed about school or something going on in your life Mrs. Coffin is a reminder that you always have a place to go or someone who cares about you.”

“As a nurse, especially in high school, I never expected to get to know my students as well as I have or have students who confide in me”. Coffin said. “I have been honored to assist many students through difficult and emotional journeys as well as help them in academic pursuits throughout their secondary education into their post-secondary work by guiding and educating as it relates to the nursing profession and the different things you can do with a degree in the field on nursing.”

Mrs. Coffin is exceptionally important to Boone Grove because she understands the changes teens are experiencing in today’s society. She understands mental health and how it affects students. “I find the most rewarding thing about working as a nurse in a school is watching so many young teenagers grow into adults and see those with chronic health conditions grow into self-sufficient and independent providers as they learn to adapt to the changing environments and move towards graduation,” she said.

Her work at Boone Grove has influenced many students looking to get into the nursing or medical field. She can provide information about hands-on experiences she has had, which helps prepare students. “Choose a job you love and you never have to work a day in your life. This quote has resonated with me because I love being here and I am very blessed to work with such awesome kids and staff every day!”


Student Spotlight: Paige Wisner
Paige Wisner is a junior at Boone Grove High School. As a captain of the dance team Wisner has demonstrated great leadership and charisma in the halls of Boone Grove. She is involved with dance and cheer and is excited for her senior season as a Wolf. As an upperclassmen, Wisner is someone most students turn to when they have questions or when they are looking for a friendly face.

“I have a lot of fun stuff planned for senior year,” Wisner said. “This year I signed up for vocational, scheduled my courses, and even started looking at colleges. As an upperclassmen I feel prepared for this.”

Wisner is ready to take the next step in her life and is thankful for Boone Grove teachers who help her with that.

“All the teachers at Boone Grove are so open to help anyone reach their fullest potential. It’s not only work and tests they care about, but also how you are and what’s going on in your life.”

As a captain of the dance team Wisner takes on a leadership role and plays a vital part in the team’s success. Behind the scenes she helps choreograph, buy the needed supplies, and plan the nights.

“My favorite memory was winning PCC last year. Our theme was rodeo and even with our music cutting out, the team gave it their full effort and it was our best performance of the season,” she said.

As a captain Wisner’s message for her underclassmen has been to “stay focused and always push yourself to the best you can. Whether it’s grades, family, friends, or sports, don’t be lazy with it because you will regret it. High school is the foundation for the rest of your life.”

Wisner has one more year, but she has already left a huge mark on Boone Grove. She’s helped raise funds for prom and is a leading force in her class. Her hard work and dedication are remarkable and she a leader in the Boone Grove community.

“If something doesn’t work out and you tried your hardest, don’t get upset because you did the best you can,” she said.

What is going to happen?: Basketball Sectionals
“In 49 states, it’s just basketball, but this is Indiana.”

This quote rings true around the state, including small schools tucked away in the desolate fields of Northwest Indiana. The Boone Grove boys basketball team is preparing for its opening round sectional match up with the Blue Jays of North Judson High School. The Wolves and Blue Jays played earlier this year, with the Wolves dropping the game 54-46. This year’s sectional field includes host and 2A number 13 Winamac, Michigan City, Marquette, North Judson, North Newton, PCC rival Hebron, and our own Boone Grove Wolves. After struggling through the regular season, the Wolves look to shock the state with a run in Sectionals. The team looks to get healthy and finally have its full roster of players back after struggling with health throughout most of the regular season. The Wolves open Sectionals Tuesday evening in the second of two games scheduled for the evening. In the first game, North Newton will take on the Warriors, and the winner will take on the Marquette Blazers in the first semifinal Friday evening. The winner of the Boone Grove and North Judson game will take on the Hebron Hawks.


What has happened?: Boone Grove High School is going to Italy!
During spring break of 2020 Boone Grove High School is offering a trip to Italy. Over the past few months, group leader Mary Edwards has been hosting parent meetings for this travel opportunity. The group will be heading to major cities like Milan, Venice, Florence, and Rome. A full-time tour guide will be there to go sightseeing with students at iconic places in history like the Vatican City, the Venice canals, and the Roman Forum. This engaging learning experience even gives the students an opportunity to earn academic credits. Students who choose to go on this travel opportunity will be getting an amazing educational tour and memories to last a lifetime.

Italy holds some of the most important cities that have shaped our history. From Florence striking up the Italian Renaissance to Rome having a long reign with entertainment and politics, this is a trip students do not want to miss. There are still opportunities for Boone Grove students to go on this trip. If you are interested in more information please contact Mrs. Mary Edwards for the trip itinerary, logistics, academic credit, and affordable payment options.  

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