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#1StudentNWI: Prepping for Success at Boone Grove High School

Student Spotlight: James Kraus
James Kraus is a junior student athlete at Boone Grove High School. If you have the pleasure of being acquainted with James, you know he is a star student with an outgoing personality. James is a part of the Principal’s Advisory Council, varsity volleyball, track and field, and National Honor Society.

Many things make Boone Grove great, and people like James help add to what we as a school believe in. Being from a small school, he knows that sticking together is what makes us different than others.

“Boone Grove is special because, although like every high school we have our cliques, when an individual is struck with grief or is going through a hard time we always unite to help them,” James said.

James Kraus is the type of student who will go out of his way to help you, and that plays a crucial part in our school’s success.

James is a three-year member of Boone Groves Principal’s Advisory Council, where two students from each grade meet every month to go over school topics that they wish to see change on. In Principal’s Council, James has been a part of changes like improving final exam week, adding more courses to be offered to students, and adding more blended courses to students’ schedules. All this is achieved by students who have support from their principal, Mr. Corman, and vice principal, Mr. Rosina.

“I like Principal’s Advisory Council because when we meet it is both sides of the school coming together to better our school and our community,” James said.

While there are many people at Boone Grove who could have influenced James, with his mom teaching and three siblings going to BGHS, James wanted to put the spotlight on his favorite teacher, Mr. Willis.

“My favorite teacher is Mr. Willis because he supports all his students, not only with their creative ideas, but in their everyday lives. He is always very relatable and treats all of his students with respect,” Nick said.

Many people at school make an impact on students’ lives, including teachers and staff, but as a student, James Kraus is continuously making an impact on all those around him. Through academics, sports, and extracurriculars James is making Boone Grove better every day he is in it.

Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Chant
When holidays approach, so do the final exams. But instead of stressing out and cramming in last minute studying, our Boone Grove staff helps ease the finals pressure. Which is why around the holidays, we are grateful for people like Mr. Chant.

Mr. Chant, voted teacher of the month, has been of great service to his students, which is why he is this month’s teacher Spotlight.

Mr. Chant is a Highland High School and an Indiana University Northwest graduate. He started his first job in teaching in fall of 2017 at Boone Grove High School. He is a U.S History and economics teacher.

Starting at Boone Grove last year, Mr. Chant was quick to make an impact on his students.

“Mr. Chant is one of my favorite teachers because I can leave his class understanding what we went over; he really helps us to be successful,” said junior Paige Wisner. “That and his personality makes the class enjoyable.

“Also, his movie quotes,” Wisner joked.

These are the little things that make every student who walks into Mr. Chants classroom leave ready for success.

“I love building connections with students and colleagues and being a part of the school community,” says Chant.

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This social studies teacher is also Boone Grove Middle School’s head football coach, and the current student council sponsor. As the student council sponsor, Mr. Chant teaches students leadership and organizational skills through the planning of homecoming and teacher appreciation week in April.

“I’m really thankful for Mr. Chant being our sponsor,” President Abigail Foster said. “He really taught me how to work effectively and how to lead a team to success.”

As his classes consist of majority upperclassmen, Mr. Chant helps juniors and seniors with life after high school. Through personal anecdotes and lectures, our upperclassmen feel more prepared for life after high school and eager to hit college lecture halls.

“I haven’t taken any college visits as a junior yet, but I’ve learned so much valuable information about what to expect in college and after college. It’s really nice to get this preparation,” Wisner said. Mr. Chant’s sense of excitement about college and now his job as a teacher has given students momentum to finish our high school careers strong.

“I feel incredibly honored that they appreciate my efforts toward their education, and that they consider me in the same breath as countless other staff members here,” Chant said.

His contributions toward Boone Grove’s environment has impacted our academic and personal success.

Finals Week
With Final Exams in full swing for Boone Grove High School, students counted down the days till Winter Break. The Boone Grove staff has been working on ways to make finals less “scary,” which includes extra study help, class time for finals prep, and, if you’re lucky, the occasional movie. Needless to say, students were still anxiously counting down days till break.

Many students look for other factors of success than studying when it comes to finals. Are there any other things you can do besides study?

Mr. Russell commented, “Cramming studying late at night won’t help at all, trade in that hour of studying for an hour of sleep, it’ll be better for you in the end.”

Senior Karsen Drinski likes the more traditional route.

“Get your eight hours of sleep and eat a healthy breakfast,” Drinksi said. “Sometimes that’s the best thing to do, besides study.”

“Do your best,” said senior Katherine Bender. “We have been preparing for this all semester, so just take a minute and know that everything will be okay. Take mental breaks, study hard, and you will do great!”

Finals may be tough, but through preparation and healthy study habits, teachers do not want students to over work themselves.

“Study, try your best on the exam, and then it’s break and you won’t have anything to study for!” Horvat said.

Winter Break
Senior Cheerleader Karsen Drinski is excited for holiday break, but can’t wait to be back on the court cheering for Boone Grove Basketball.

“We have a few games over break, and it’s going to be really fun cheering this holiday with them. Especially because then we get to take a few days off after and be with our families,” Drinski said.

Students will enjoy their 10-day break and come back refreshed for the second semester.

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