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Life in the Spotlight

A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Jamari Washington

Anyone who questions the quality of local education hasn’t met Hammond Gavit High School’s Jamari Washington.

A senior at the school, Jamari lives in Hammond with his family, having moved there from Harvey, Illinois roughly fourteen years ago.

He’s also a proud participant of the Blueprint Program, a special program that helps to prepare students for college.

The program was put in place last year, and aims to help students make the difficult transition from high school to college an easy one.

“We have mentors who are there to help us learn more about college. They focus on students who are interested in continuing their education. They put us in classes and help with financial aid and college entrance exams,” said Washington.

“They check your grade point average, they check your behavior. Students even have to write an essay in order to be accepted to the program,” said Washington.

“They don’t want to put anybody in the program unless they want to be there,” said Jamari, who added that his essay was based on the ways that challenges and adversities can help you to become a better person.

Washington also serves as a student reporter liaison with and said he enjoys writing.

“Sometimes when I’m writing, it puts me in a different space. I can just get inside my head and write down the things that come to me there,” he said.

Washington is very active in school activities, and was nominated as vice-president of this senior class. He also is an active member of the Key Club, Student Council and the Positive Behavior Institute Society.

He also wrestles and plays on the football team, as a running back and linebacker. His enthusiasm carries over from the football field to his praise for his school.

“I think that Hammond Gavit is a great school," Washington said. "The students really care about each other as a whole. They’re very involved in the school, and the teachers are very involved not just in our grades, but in how well we’re doing in our lives. We have a strong bond there.”

As for what lies ahead, Washington is considering a degree in engineering, and beyond that plans to join to the Navy, potentially becoming a Navy SEAL.

“I like to keep busy. I like to help people,” says Washington.

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