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Life in the Spotlight

A NWIndiana Life in the Spotlight: Bob Owen


“Bullseye, back of the rim.”

That’s the mantra that Bob “The Bullseye Guy” Owen repeats before every shot he takes on the court while practicing. A mantra that has catapulted Owen to national fame as one of the country’s most prolific shooters in the nation; even today at the age of 70.

“Bullseye, back of the rim” in its essence is a confirmation of a positive outcome based on the work performed; an affirmation that the shot slicing through the nets is not a result of luck, but of the blood, sweat, tears, and faith put in during the long nights of practice in the gym. The shot was in long before he ever took it. Owen planned it that way.

Which is why he likes to close his eyes when he shoots.

There’s nothing there between the fifteen feet from the free throw line to the hoop that his mind doesn’t already know. The shot, like in life, is just a matter of trusting your plan and letting it take over.

“The Bullseye is about creating opportunity,” Owen told IIMM. “I start with the end result and then work backwards. And to achieve that end result I make it simple, I make it consistent, and then I make it to where it can be duplicated.”

The Bullseye, in Owen’s mind, is not just about basketball it’s about everything we do in life; it’s about finding what we want, figuring out the easiest way to get there every day, and then always looking for the breadcrumbs that lead us on the right path.

“It’s amazing how our mind works,” added Owen. “If you drive a Ford Fusion, when you’re out on the road your mind is going to find all the Fusions you pass by. That’s why it’s so important in life to find what you want first, then you find the opportunities.”

And it’s this process of finding the end result first and then planning to make that happen that Owen uses in his professional life as well as an Insurance Specialist helping his clients plan for retiring happy and financially healthy.

“I help people start planning financially now so they will be better off in the future by preparing to accomplish their end result,” said Owen. “Again, it’s about helping find and create opportunities. A lot of people, I help save them $2-5,000 annually, and I like to say I am turning Baby Boomers into Baby Bloomers.”

Because once you have a plan Owen says, it’s just a matter of hope and faith after that.

“That is why I shoot with my eyes closed ultimately, it’s letting go of all my senses, it’s having the hope to want to do something and then the faith to do it, and do it, and do it, knowing that eventually it will be done.”

And do it, and do it, and do it, and do it with a purpose is what Owen does every day. Always working towards bettering himself and those around him. Always teaching those he meets in Northwest Indiana that success and happiness are simple, you just have to allow yourself to see it.

"Bullseye, back of the rim.”


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