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Links of the Week: Humblebrags, Muppets, and What’s the Greatest Wrestling Theme Song Ever?

I believe that writing, in a lot of ways, is like exercising. The more you do it, the easier it is and the more you see the results of your labor.

If you exercise once in a blue moon, you shouldn't be expecting six-pack abs and a gun show. Likewise, if you write only once in a blue moon, you’ll probably find your sentences and paragraphs to be a little flabby and doughy, without as much meat to them as there would be if you were writing every day.

Thanks to a semi-disciplined workout routine, I've shed about 30 pounds in the past few months. And thanks to a semi-disciplined routine, that's where we're getting with the Links of the Week. Soon the blog will be a lean, mean, link-aggregatin' machine. But this being my second blog back after my self-imposed hiatus, it may still be a little doughy, so to speak.


And so on this slightly flabby...

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Links of the Week: Baby RoboCop, The Greatest Video Game Athletes Ever, and a Farewell to the Election Season

I love election season.

You see, I graduated in 2008 from Purdue University with a degree in Communication, and my focus within the communication program was rhetorical advocacy and advertising. My minor is Political Science. In short, I am really good at decoding political messages within the context in which they are presented. (Sounds so college-y, right?) Election season is just the perfect time of year for political dorks like me.

Needless to say, there's a lot of spin on many claims put on by both sides of any political argument (which tend to be amplified during election season), but I feel that spin allows me to become a more informed voter. I can pay attention to a claim put out by a debate or a TV ad, and in knowing the tricks of the trade, go and research those claims to find out if (and really how much) spin there is. It's fun for me; some people say they aren't able to use what...

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Yappy Hour at Zao Island This Sunday


Century 21 Pace Estate is hosting Yappy Hours on September 19, 2010 from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm at Zao Island.

This is a pet friendly event. Bring your well-behaved pet with you for giveaways and pet items to purchase. Pet contests include: Longest Tail, Largest, Smallest, Best Trick, Best Dressed, and Best Owner/Dog Look-a-Like!

Zao Island is donating a portion of their proceeds to the Read more

Little Oscar’s Retirement Party

My best friend, David Szentesy, or as we call him Crazy David, has worked for Oscar Meyer/Kraft for 38 years. little-oscarHis wife Carol is a high school classmate of mine and has kept him in line for years. David was a year ahead of Carol and I in high school. They got married and rented part of my mom and dad’s house in the early seventies. Dave and Carol lived downstairs and I lived upstairs.

My parent’s had come to America in 1951 and brought little Freddy with them. They worked very hard and had not taken a vacation in 20 years. They went to Italy and took my brother and sister with them. The second night they...

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11 Years Since Our Route 66 Adventure

Next week will be 11 years since my friend Jim Jackson and I set off on an adventure that came close to rivaling my "Public Enemies" experience. 66logo

He and I were given a brand new 1999 Corvette by the Chevrolet division of General Motors -- actually three of them -- to traverse the country on Historic Route 66.

The trip took 8 1/2 days during which we sent stories and photos each day to The Times so readers could follow along on our excellent adventure. And boy did they. To this day I periodically get asked "Aren't you the guy who drove Route 66?"...

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Leaves, Libraries, and Upside Down Houses

I really enjoy Post-Its. And Leaves. Apparently the people at the Post-It company feel the same way.


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The Speeding Ticket

I have experienced court. It's happened to a lot of people. I was going to the airport on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in June. My wife had flown out to her niece's graduation and I was going to pick her up. I was early so I decided to get off the expressway and go up Mannheim Road to get to the airport. This would enable me to get a good Chicago dog and when I reached the south end of the airport I could watch some planes taking off and landing. This is one of the most fascinating things in the world to me. At many airports around the country, I have parked on side roads close to runways and marveled at these winged behemoths as they are able to get off the ground. At O'Hare, the south side of the airport is bordered by Irving Park Road and depending on which way the wind is blowing it can be quite a show. Well you know how that best laid plans things always go. Read more

The Marriage Capital of the World

This is an easy one to guess. Where you can you go for a honeymoon and marriage spot all wrapped up in one? That's right. vegasOne of my favorite places on earth is Las Vegas, or as my baggage tag says, "LAS". Of course, that really doesn't make a lot of sense. The tag for O'Hare says, "ORD". But airlines never were known for their common sense.

Of course, I believe that the government was the original culprit in giving out the airport designations. O'Hare actually began as Orchid Field and was named after a World War II flier by the name of O'Hare. By then they couldn't change the tag. But this really doesn't have anything to...

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Lost My Pen

The other day I reached in my pocket looking for my pen and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I am terrible at hanging on to writing instruments. pensThat is why I have about 14 different pen and pencil sets in my desk drawer. I don’t want to use them because I’ll lose them. Not a great reason but it works. I used to use them and at one time I had 27 half sets in my desk drawer. I would always lose the pen of the set because I never liked to use the pencils. I would always run out of pencil lead and I never carried any extra. It was a real hassle.

Tom Caufield, who works at our Merrillville store, is notorious around the store...

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Music Hits You - If You're Out There. John Legend

As I have written before, no matter what emotion it hits you with, you can not deny that music hits you. It brings you perspective, it motivates you, it lifts your spirits, it relaxes you, it saddens you, it gets you jacked up, it gets you riled up against or for a cause, it makes you dance or move around a bit, and sometimes it makes you laugh or just smile softly. This morning is one of those times, and in just one song, it hit me about 20 times with most all of that range of emotions. Just thought I would share a few of these and how they hit me. Hope the Music Hits You today. However it does, go on and let it hit you....

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Great Entertainment can be Found this May at the Blue Chip

Bret-MichaelsLegendary rocker Bret Michaels brings rock hits and hot ballads to Blue Chip on Saturday, May 23 at 8 pm in his True Grit Tour live from the Stardust Event Center. Tickets, priced from $40 to $75, are available at or at The Gift Box in the Blue Chip Casino pavilion.

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