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The Lakes of Valparaiso Host Thanksgiving Rubber Duck Hunt for Residents

Unique events can make anyone's day a little bit better. For residents of The Lakes of Valparaiso, they were treated to a fun surprise around the Thanksgiving holiday.

To make the holiday weekend a little more exciting for residents, staff at The Lakes hid six Thanksgiving-themed rubber ducks around the property. From the playground to the clubhouse and in various other locations around the property, residents were eager to find the ducks and claim their prizes come Monday morning.

“We had a lot of people excited,” explained Amanda Carney, Community Manager for The Lakes of Valparaiso. “There were kids involved, but not just kids. Adults turned in ducks too. We even had one resident who went for a jog early one morning to see if he could find the ducks!”

To get the excitement built, The Lakes utilized their Facebook page to first announce the event, then followed up the next day with photo hints for where the ducks were hiding. Carney and her crew were sure to make the find worth resident’s time, though, and provided prizes for those who brought the ducks in on Monday.

“Each resident won a $5 gift card per duck with one person having multiple ducks!” explained Carney. “The cards were for Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts.”

For The Lakes of Valparaiso, it’s important to create a fun, community-minded atmosphere and get residents out and about. One of their goals is to create a community where people don’t just live next door to each other, but interact as well.

“We want The Lakes to feel like a community, not just an apartment complex. We want neighbors to get to know each other and engage. The purpose of doing little events like the Thanksgiving ducks is to bring people out onto our property. We have beautiful wetlands and walking paths to enjoy,” said Carney.

Creating an engaging and community-minded atmosphere is important to The Lakes. Residents can expect to see more events in the future aimed at getting residents out onto the property and visiting with fellow residents.

The Lakes of Valparaiso
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