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Strack and Van Til Honors Hard Work at 2017 Vendor Christmas Party

On Wednesday, Strack and Van Til hosted their annual Vendor Christmas Party at St. James Hall in Highland. The party welcomed over 300 guests, all vendors in some way to the Strack and Van Til stores located around Northwest Indiana.

The party provided food, beverages, raffles, and plenty of prizes for those in attendance. With coolers, tv’s, fruit baskets, and many other items raffled off each hour, excitement was high and appreciation felt by all.

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“This is Jeff Strack’s way of thanking all of our vendors for their hard work and helping Indiana Grocery Group succeed and to continue,” explained Ashleigh Marlow, Public Relations Coordinator for Strack and Van Til. “It’s all about our vendors. We just really want to say thank you and continue this really good relationship with our vendors. Without them we wouldn’t have the products our customers want.”

The appreciation was apparent to all vendors in attendance as they enjoyed a variety of food and drinks. Smiles could be seen at every table as people milled about meeting old friends and making new ones. For Jim Melf, who works with Great Lakes Coca-Cola,it was exciting to be at the event receiving a bit of recognition for the past year.


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“I like to come rub elbows with everybody. It’s nice to talk to everyone involved with Stracks and the rest of the people I pull the weight along with. It’s nice to get some recognition,” said Melf.

The continued support of Strack and Van Til's vendors during the past year has been especially important and worth praise. Without their support, the store would not be able to offer the same quality products to customers as it has in the past.

“We’ve been having this vendor party before Christmas for probably the last 40 years and it’s really an opportunity for us to thank our vendor partners for all the work they do during the year,” explained Jeff Strack, president and CEO of Strack and Van Til. “This year it’s been fantastic to see the response with everything Strack and Van Til has been through over the last six to nine months, the support from them has been overwhelming.”

For Strack and Van Til, their annual vendor Christmas party is just one way to thank the people responsible for helping the business run. By providing, delivering, and cooperating to get quality products in the door, the vendors are a large part of what helps this local business move forward.

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