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Hannah's Hope 8th Annual Craft and Vendor Fair a Huge Success

Hannah’s Hope 8th Annual Craft and Vendor Fair on Saturday was fun for the whole family and community. What better way to start the holiday season then with a cookie crawl, kids and canvas, shopping, and even an appearance by Santa himself? On that cold morning at Portage High School, the smiles of all the kids warmed everyone’s heart. The event was not only a fun-filled gathering but it also benefited Hannah’s Hope, a charity providing help for kids with special needs.

Hundreds of shoppers gathered from The Region to begin their holiday shopping. Local businesses displayed many different items to buy while community members made donations to Hannah’s Hope. The Co-Founder of Hannah’s Hope and the eponymous Hannah’s mother, Mary Martinez, explained why this event was perfect for people wanting to donate to a good charity.

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“All of our vendors are local,” Martinez said. “What I really love about this event is that shoppers can start with their holiday shopping. Not only are they supporting Hannah’s Hope because they pay a dollar when they come in, but they are also shopping with local vendors. They are contributing to local vendors businesses as well. I think that’s what makes this event a little bit different.”

Over the years, Hannah’s Hope Craft and Vendor Fair has grown and changed a lot. With more people coming in to participate and donate money to this wonderful charity, more awareness is being raised. Martinez described how big this event has become over the years.

“It has definitely grown a lot,” explained Martinez. “This Annual Craft and Vendor Fair is the biggest one so far. We have 105 vendors and 117 spaces set up. Last year this event raised just over $9,000, so we are hoping to increase that this year.”

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From the help of many dedicated volunteers, the success of this event was remarkable. A local volunteer for Hannah’s Hope, Toni Cox, explained why she chooses to volunteer every year.

“To me just knowing the family and what they have done for this community makes you want to get in there and try harder to help every child in this area,” Cox stated. “It has been a true blessing for them to be here and help everyone.”

Hannah’s Hope brings out a special place in many people’s hearts. For Cox, working with everyone at Hannah’s Hope is like working with family.

“We all work together. It is just one big family,” Cox explained. “You volunteer one time, and you can’t get enough and you keep coming back.”

With the community working together this charity can continue to help others. An attendee, Dawn Ehlin, talked about how this event is perfect for those wanting to contribute to a great cause.

“It’s a good way to get out there and help one another,” Ehlin explained.

With the help of a great community and everyone at Hannah’s Hope, many kids can get the help that they deserve. After helping and donating to Hannah’s Hope one time, people will not be able to stop contributing when they see the difference they have made. Hannah’s Hope’s 8th Annual Craft and Vendor Fair was a fun way for people to kick start the holidays. The true meaning of this season was found when people donated and helped their community in need.

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