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NWI Veterans' Action Council Collects Job, Health, and Housing Resources for Local Vets

Northwest Indiana’s veteran community is huge, and it boasts a strong support network to help our country’s former servicemen and women get the help and resources they need. However, it is a challenge for many veterans to find their options. The Northwest Indiana Veterans’ Action Council, a group dedicated to spreading awareness about local initiatives for vets, is making things easier by collecting all the information and resources a veteran could need online at

Here are some summaries of just a few categories of assistance NWI Veterans’ Action Council can direct you to.

At, you can find tools and other websites that will direct you to businesses across the Region that offer discounts for veterans as a thanks for their service.

Healthcare is one of the most complicated subjects around, but makes it simple by compiling a vast array of resources on health and wellness focused on vets. From mental wellness and PTSD support, to Wounded Warrior and pet therapy programs, the organization has collected everything a veteran in the Region needs to stay healthy and happy.

Unfortunately, it is common for veterans to find themselves without a roof over their head. The Northwest Indiana Veterans’ Action Council collected information about local and national programs dedicated to getting homeless vets off the streets, with both emergency and long-term solutions. The Council also offers a number of resources for helping vets who do own a home find affordable solutions to avoid foreclosure.

The NWI Veterans’ Action Council is always looking for local employers committed to hiring veterans. At, you can find job openings, training opportunities, and career counseling options such as Hire Heroes USA, Helmets to Hard Hats, and more.

Vet Service Organizations and Nonprofits
A wide variety of organizations offer services or membership to the Region’s Veterans. Some nonprofits offer scholarships, housing, and other kinds of assistance, while other local organizations help vets find other members of the veteran community around Northwest Indiana.

Find all this information and more at, and be sure to join their mailing list for all the latest news, resources and more.

NWI Veterans Action Council
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