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Legacy Foundation Celebrates 25 Years of Dedicated Service in Lake County

Lake County is a vast community, and a key part of what keeps it running and an excellent place to live are its standout nonprofits, charities, and other philanthropic initiatives. These organizations and programs often need help to keep running or to expand their services. That is where the Legacy Foundation, which hosted their 25th Anniversary Celebration on Friday, steps in.

The Legacy Foundation is a community foundation that provides grants, to “encourage, inspire, and improve lives” across Lake County, manages 40 different scholarship funds, and runs a number of different initiatives to create positive change across the Region. Each year they host an annual meeting, and this year’s doubled as a 25th anniversary party, where the foundation, its donors, and many grant recipients gathered to celebrate its contributions and impact around Lake County.

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“This gives us the opportunity to recognize all of the people that have been involved since the very beginning,” said Carolyn Saxton, Legacy Foundation President and CEO. “I’m looking forward to people having a good time. Tonight is a time to celebrate, it’s about a party. We’re 25 years old, grown up, and on the next step – looking back at the past but also towards the future.”

Since its inception, the Legacy Foundation has given more than $40 million to community programs, organizations, and scholars across Lake County. To celebrate, the night’s program switched out the annual meeting’s traditional speeches and stories in favor of food, fun, and dance at the Marquette Park Pavilion.

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“I can’t wait to celebrate with our donors,” said Robert Johnson, Legacy Foundation Board Chair. “The amount of effort that Legacy staff puts into all of its activities and programming is remarkable to me. So this event celebrates them as well, because for 25 years now they haven’t dropped the ball and have been consistent in delivering to this community.”

With nearly $60 million in charitable assets and a number of projects coming up, the Legacy Foundation is not slowing down any time soon. Moreover, they go beyond expectations for typical charitable foundations by partnering with community members and organizations to make Lake County a better place.

“We’re starting to be more proactive than reactive,” said Martie Rivas-Ramos, Legacy Foundation Board Vice-Chair. “Through the Neighborhood Spotlight initiative we started a few years ago, we’re going out and helping individual communities build partnerships so that they can build.  In addition to the typical grant work, we’re going out and sowing the seeds of community involvement.”

Dancers from the South Shore Dance Alliance, recipients of the John S. and James L. Knight Donor Advised Fund administered by the Legacy Foundation, made an appearance – dazzling the crowd with their athleticism and artistry. The Together Music Band also performed live music throughout the evening, helping make the evening one to remember.

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