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The Legacy Foundation Welcomes a Promising Future

Citizens of all ages have benefited from the Legacy Foundation’s investments, guaranteeing that the organization's impact will be everlasting. With an upcoming move to a new headquarters site and the 25th Anniversary Celebration in May, the Legacy Foundation is using 2018 to recognize accomplishments from the past, and look forward to a thriving future.

Since 1992, the Legacy Foundation has been committed to the development and growth of Lake County. Known for providing grants and scholarships to local organizations and individuals, the Legacy Foundation has also played an active role in forging strong relationships with community leaders and nonprofits to solve problems and ensure success.

The organization has advanced over the years. Having offered an estimated $40 million in grants and scholarships and currently managing more than 300 funds, the Legacy Foundation has much to celebrate! The 25th Anniversary Celebration on May 4th will commemorate all that the organization and its partners have achieved - not to mention the many initiatives that will guarantee a brighter future for Lake County.

Last year the Legacy Foundation organized their first ever "On the Table" event, funded by the John S. and James L Knight Foundation. On September 26, 2017, hosts across the county held meals and led conversations to discuss the state of their communities. These conversations gave rise to solutions-to which the Legacy Foundation offered supportive funds. They will be holding the same event this year with the goal of encouraging participants to move beyond discussion and towards action.

The organization has also seen much success with their "Neighborhood Spotlight" initiative. Through partnership with , the Legacy Foundation worked with four neighborhoods – Gary-Emerson, Gary-Miller, Griffith, and north west Hobart – to build the capacity of residents to organize, plan and carry out improvement projects within their communities.

One of the Foundation’s most recent programs is the development of the Lake County Community Development Corporation (CDC),with a grant from the JPMorgan Chase Foundation. From Neighborhood Spotlight, Legacy and partners determined that a county-wide CDC could deepen resident engagement and support the implementation of innovative projects across the county. The Legacy Foundation hired a CDC director, who is in the midst of forming a board of directors and strategic plan.

Despite their packed agenda, the Legacy Foundation has also undertaken a recent relocation. With the upcoming destruction of their old location at the Twin Towers in Merrillville, the Foundation has moved to their new location at 370 E. 84th Dr. Suite 100 in Merrillville. This new headquarters puts their office on the first floor, allowing for the Foundation to be easily accessible to the community and providing greater advertising potential, all while remaining central to the county in Merrillville.

It is hard to imagine a Lake County without the Legacy Foundation. Led by a volunteer board of directors and a wonderful team of dedicated staff members, this organization will use every program, relocation and celebration to ensure the success of its community.

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