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Belvedere Senior Housing Celebrates Moms with First Annual Mother's Day Tea

Belvedere Senior Housing hosted their first Mother’s Day Tea to honor all their matriarchs! The afternoon included entertainment, snacks, and, of course, tea to celebrate their residents and families. Belvedere opened its doors to seniors last year and hopes to make the Mother’s Day Tea an annual celebration.

Resident Service Coordinator Kelly Chitwood said the Mother’s Day event is a celebration that brings the Belvedere community together as a whole.

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“We wanted to honor all of our mothers. We have so many women in this building who don’t have families, and so many that do,”  Chitwood said. “I personally feel like I have hundreds of grandmothers and mothers in this building. Even my kids come into Belvedere and they know every single person here by name and by their faces, and they are all treated like a grandmother or grandfather.”

At Belvedere, the staff and residents are a giant family. The team wanted to make their residents and visitors feel at home and to honor mothers for all that they do.

“We try very hard to make it as personable and as lovable as possible,” Chitwood said. “I grew up with a very close-knit family. My mother is the matriarch, and my grandmother was the matriarch of us all. When she passed away, we all kind of separated a little bit and for me, this event brings that unity back in my life. Today, we get to do something special for all the mothers here, and it makes me feel proud to see them smile and laugh.”

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Residents danced to live music and sang along to all their favorite classical tunes. Members of the Belvedere team smiled from the side of the dance floor, and some joined in the dancing, too.

Chris Art joined her mother for the afternoon to enjoy the tea and live entertainment.

“My mom lives here, and I wanted to celebrate with her. It’s nice that we can all come together like this to show overall mom appreciation. They do a lot, so we should do a lot for them,” Art said.

Lee Chance is a resident at Belvedere and said she enjoyed her family time.

“My favorite part about all of this is just getting together with all my family. I enjoy mother appreciation. It’s nice to get us all together for the holiday,” Chance said.

Families and visitors laughed with each other as they told stories about their children around the table. For many, it’s about family appreciation, the smiles, and making those feel at home at Belvedere.

“I love that we really are a family here; I love that unity with everyone. We laugh things off and let it roll off our backs. It’s what we do! We are moms,” Chitwood said.

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