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Pulse Technology showcases the Office of the Future

On Thursday, Pulse Technology gave a glimpse at the cutting edge with their Office of the Future Open House. Representatives from companies such as 3M, Sharp, and HON joined Pulse to showcase the latest innovations in office technology, furniture, and supplies.

Many people are familiar with the advancement of technology, seen with things like 4K television’s growing popularity, wireless chargers, cloud storage, and more. Vendors brought in their most ergonomic chairs, newest supplies, and even their freshest coffee blends.

“Today is about showing people what the future is going to look like,” said Chip Miceli, CEO of Pulse Technology. "We’ve got the latest in voice technology, 4K intractable boards, even a new way to make coffee. We have it all today, the changes you’ll see in the future are all here.”

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It is not uncommon for a business to neglect their furniture, amenities, or infrastructure, thinking that it cuts costs. One of the goals of the open house was to explain how investing in the future pays big dividends.

“If you want to keep your employees for a long time, you need furniture that’s comfortable,” Miceli said. “They think they’ll just buy a cheap chair, but it’s not comfortable and if your team isn’t comfortable then they’re not productive. Even the technology on chairs is so much better today. You can adjust it to any type of height or comfort.”

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3M, makers of the legendary office staple Post-it Notes, showcased that innovation is possible even for one of the most classic office supplies. Their Extreme Notes for example stick to even the toughest surfaces while soaking wet.

“We’re always developing new products that allow people to be quicker, more productive, and we have more coming down,” said Bob Dahlgren, Territory Manager for Midwest Resource Group who represents 3M. “We’re always looking for innovation and ways to improve what we do and how we do it. We want to evolve along with how people use our products in the office.”

One of the more unique stops on the tour of the future was with Crexendo, a provider of cloud-based telecommunications solutions. Instead of relying on a central phone bank at your office, Crexendo provides services based out of their headquarters. They constantly update over the cloud, adding new features for their clients without the need to buy new phones or suffer any downtime while hard systems are upgraded.

“The cloud is where the future is going to be,” said James Dunn, Channel Sales Manager for Crexendo. “Steve Mihaylo, our CEO, is a telecom person, not just a businessman. He’s an innovator and leader in the industry, and is always looking to provide solutions to our customers.”

Be it simple Post-it Notes, ergonomic chairs, or entirely new phone systems, everything for the Office of the Future was on display. To learn more about Pulse Technology, visit


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