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The Faces of Team Chevy: Tom Gronli and Richard Schultze

One of the largest teams at just about any major auto dealer is the service crew and Valparaiso’s Team Chevrolet is no exception. Their team of experts know all there is to know about fixing, maintaining, and general servicing vehicles to ensure that anyone can feel comfortable trusting their car to Team Chevy.

Service technicians such as Tom Gronli, with many years of experience, are the backbone of the crew. Gronli has been with Team Chevy for the last 3 years and over his long career in the industry, there is little he has not seen.

“I’ve been doing this for a lot of years. I’m not a technician, I’m a mechanic,” Gronli joked. “I started in a Standard Oil service station some 40 years ago, and since then it’s all I’ve been doing.”

Working on cars might sound like a job that does not change too much over the years, but if you ask Gronli, or any mechanic with his kind of career, they will tell you firsthand how much the job has evolved.

“If you try to do this as an independent field, it’d be really difficult to go day to day,” he said. “There’s different brands and they all have their own little quirks or proprietary software. Some things have gotten easier, but some are harder.”

Working with cars is a passion for some, but what keeps Gronli going every day is the quality of the people he works with. To him, the service crew is one he is proud to be a part of.

“I work with some very great people,” he said. “There’s nobody in the back I couldn’t count on for help.”

Richard Schultze, Team Chevy’s Service Advisor, is the face of the service crew to most customers coming in with their cars. He works closely with guests to ensure they understand everything that the technicians will do to fix their car and to keep the process as comfortable as possible.

“I’m basically the go-between for the customer and technician,” Schultze explained. “I’m the one that takes all the technical stuff and breaks it down so that anybody can understand it, because not all of us are mechanics.”

Schultze is an industry veteran as well, having worked at numerous dealerships in cities both big and small. One of his favorite things about Team Chevy is the special relationship his work lets him cultivate with customers.

“There’s a lot of familiarity because we’re not a super huge store,” Schultze said. “I already know a good percentage of the people walking through the door, they know me and I know them. It’s ‘hey, good morning, how are you?’ People like to joke around a lot and that’s always a bright spot in my day.”

Fixing cars takes a lot of moving parts and smart people but with people like Richard Schultze and Tom Gronli in the crew, Valparaiso’s Team Chevy gets the job done. Learn more at


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