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Anne Anderson Celebrates Businesses as Hammond's Director of Economic Development

Every city relies on a wealth of people for its success and growth over time. While every department plays a role in keeping a city thriving, departments such as Economic Development focus on attracting and keeping businesses in the city they represent.

For the City of Hammond, Anne Anderson serves as the Director of Economic Development and found herself eager to help the business community within the city. Her role allows her to meet many local business owners and discuss their needs to thrive in the future.

“We’re a small department, but Economic Development mainly deals with business attraction, bringing businesses here to Hammond that aren’t here, business retention, keeping our businesses happy, and business expansion,” explained Anderson. “So, if we have a company that’s doing so great that it needs to expand, we help with that and whatever else they may need.”

Anderson wasn’t always a member of the Hammond community, but faced with a growing family, she decided to move to the Region in 2005. Her decision has proven to be a good one, and she enjoys the proximity to Chicago as well as the many activities the Region offers to her.

“I moved from Chicago to buy a house for our growing family,” explained Anderson. “Not only was I looking for a future for the family and affordable housing, but the location is so amazing, being right on the lake and so close to Chicago.”

Once in the Hammond community, she began falling in love with it and knew she wanted to work for the city in order to give back. Now, she’s enjoying her role and the ability she has to get out into the community and meet business owners. Her love of the role lies in the communication and sharing that takes place, allowing her to see into the dreams of those around her.

“I love hearing their stories, how they started, their vision, how it’s working, and how they had to change it. How it works is really great to hear,” said Anderson.


Hammond has seen some wonderful things over the years. With so many people working to create change and positive influences in the Hammond community, they are not only seeing additional businesses, but parks and other community resources as well.

“I want to continue on this amazing track that I think Hammond is on right now. With businesses coming to Hammond and the building of the sports plex, that is all super exciting,” said Anderson. “Just to be here in Economic Development while the city is moving forward is really exciting.”

In addition to the many wonderful changes she’s seen in Hammond since 2005, Anderson is happy for the opportunities she’s been given, in part because her education does not fall under economics. With a degree in Greek and Latin, Anderson is a surprise at her post, but someone who is dedicated, hard-working, and excited for the future of Hammond.

“It just shows you that a person you meet can have all sorts of different backgrounds and ideas and my education keeps me open when I meet people,” said Anderson. “I like to meet dynamic people with dynamic backgrounds and get to know their core and what drives them. That translates to really good business when they move here to Hammond.”

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