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Black Friday Auto Loan Special through Nov. 27th at REGIONAL Federal Credit Union

REGIONAL-FCU-Black-Friday-Auto-Loan-Special-2018This year, give yourself the gift of a great Auto Loan rate - as low as 2.74% APR* for any term up to 72 months, new, used or refinance.

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Horizon Banks Healthcare Savings Accounts FAQs

Horizon-Banks-Healthcare-Savings-Accounts-FAQs-2018If you have a health insurance plan with a high deductible, you may want to set up a Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) to complement it. Not sure if it’s a fit for you? Here’s an overview to help you decide.

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Tim Rice of Lakeside Wealth Management Receives Recognition for Community Service


Tim Rice noted that when the Executive Director of Invest in Others called to let him know he was a finalist for their Community Service Award, she probably wondered if he was still on the phone. He was speechless that his work, much of which lies with Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana, could be considered the same caliber as others nominated by this amazing organization.

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REGIONAL Federal Credit Union Fraud Prevention Unit Dispatch: Affinity Fraud

REGIONAL-Federal-Credit-Union-Fraud-Prevention-Unit-Dispatch-Affinity-FraudWHAT IS AFFINITY FRAUD?
At the beginning of Side 3 of Grand Funk Railroad's 1970 Live Album, Mark Farner shirtlessly tells the audience this (edited for clarity):

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Michael L. Suggs Speaks at Horizon Bank’s Diversity Business Council Meeting


Horizon Bank’s Diversity Business Council members attended a meeting at their corporate headquarters to discuss diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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Horizon Bank Partners with Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis to Provide Affordable Housing Grants

Horizon-Bank-Partners-with-Federal-Home-Loan-Bank-of-Indianapolis-to-Provide-Affordable-Housing-GrantsHorizon Bank announces a partnership with Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis, which offers affordable housing initiatives. The Homeownership Opportunities Program (HOP), the Neighborhood Impact Program (NIP), and the Accessibility Modifications Program (AMP) are designed to provide affordable housing, home repairs and modifications as well as accessibility modifications.

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Mortgage Protection: Good Sense or Bad Investment?

TCU-Mortgage-Protection-Good-Sense-or-Bad-InvestmentFor many of us, our home is our biggest investment as well as our family refuge. Losing a breadwinner can wreak havoc on the family's finances — and their ability to stay in the home they love.

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TCU Financial Empowerment Program Updates

TCU-Financial-Empowerment-Program-Updates-2018The TCU Financial Empowerment Program Powered by FoolProof is a FREE, web-driven educational program that provides the tools, resources and knowledge necessary to make a lifetime of good financial decisions and is currently taught by hundreds of teachers in high schools and middle schools throughout Indiana.

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Teachers Credit Union: Protect Your Apartment From Break-Ins

TCU-Protect-Your-Apartment-From-Break-Ins-2018I can only imagine a few things worse than waking up in the morning and discovering the unexpected – you've been robbed! You may feel violated, and then angry…and then confused. You might think, "Who would do this, and how did it slip right under my nose?"

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Lakeside Wealth Management Stays Ahead with Continuing Education


Staying ahead of the curve is important in the ever-changing financial world. The advisors at Lakeside Wealth Management not only know this but take it to heart. They spend hours each year receiving additional training and instruction to be sure they’re educated, prepared, and ready to take on the challenges of the markets, the changing industry, and their changing clients.

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Own Your Financial Future with Teacher's Credit Union

TeachersCreditUnionLogoBanking is a fact of life. The majority of working adults trust their money to a bank, go to them for loans or mortgages, or whatever other financial services they require. Often lost in the shuffle is the fact that most major banks are publicly traded on the stock market, and are ultimately beholden to their shareholders – not the Americans whose money they handle. For people looking for a more personal experience, there’s Teacher’s Credit Union – the largest organization of its kind in Indiana.

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