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Korellis Roofing Hosts 2018 Safety Fest to Encourage Workplace Safety

Workplace safety is always a top concern, even in an accounting firm. But in roofing, with risks like falling, asbestos, or fires it is paramount that roofers know all the ins and outs on a jobsite. Korellis Roofing is an industry leader in ensuring the safety of their team and projects, thanks in part to events like their annual Safety Fest held on Friday.

All of Korellis’ roofers came together for the Safety Fest, which featured a number of classes and interactive stations designed to drill safety essentials into the team. They included harness use and fall protection demonstrations by FallTech, load securement, tourniquet instruction, and Guardrail setup in Korellis’ new Roofing Training Center. The company looks after its members like family, and exceeds the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) regulations.

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“We want to make sure we live and breathe safety,” said John Ziolkowski, Vice President of Roofing Operations at Korellis. “Safety is our main purpose; we’re here to do business but also to make sure everyone goes home safe. Everything we do is over and beyond OSHA standards. What I care about is making sure everyone gets back to their families.”

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The Korellis team cycled through the stations throughout the day, trying their hand at putting out fires, building guardrails, and reviewing the extensive company safety policy. Sitting in on a lecture about health and safety might be a bit of a throwback to their schooldays, but nobody complained.

“Management of safety is a daily thing,” said Bruce Bailey, a service tech who has been with Korellis for 32 years. “The fact that Korellis puts so much emphasis on it regardless of the time or money spent shows they go beyond the industry standards. It lets the employees know that they care.”

The most eye-catching station was literally on fire, as roofers practiced fire extinguisher use on a burning training machine. Though it may have been the flashiest, trainers gave equal importance to each session, focusing on what not to do, or how to prevent a crisis situation in the first place.

“Safety is the number one thing on everyone’s mind,” said Dan Stella, Korellis’ Workforce Development Manager. “The best tip for people is if you don’t know something, ask someone that does. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, that’s how you stay safe.”

Every time Korellis takes on a new contract, their goal is twofold, provide the highest quality roofing in the Region while maintaining industry-leading safety standards. To learn more about Korellis Roofing and to see galleries of their completed projects, visit

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