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Dr. Giovanni Infusino Gives a Breath of Fresh Air to Symphony of Dyer

“You know, breathing is pretty important.”

Dr. Giovanni Infusino specializes in that one aspect of life most people never think about and take for granted.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Simple enough. Yet, some patients struggle with lung disease, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses. For those who reside at Symphony of Dyer, they can get help with their breathing from Dr. Infusino.

Dr. Infusino grew up in Southeast Wisconsin and attended University of Wisconsin-Madison and then the University of Illinois-Chicago. Ever since he was a kid, he said he knew he wanted to be a doctor.

After school, he moved to Northwest Indiana to practice in the medical fields of pulmonary and critical care in several hospitals. He floats between Franciscan-St. Anthony Health in Crown Point and Franciscan-St. Margaret Health in Dyer.

About three years ago the primary physician working in Symphony of Dyer, Dr. Stemmer, asked Infusino if he would be interested in adding a few more patients to his daily rounds.

“We were already sending patients there from the hospital, so I knew a lot about the facility,” he said.

After people are hospitalized, they often undergo treatment at assisted living centers, nursing homes, or other facilities, Infusino explained. Most don’t have a large group of doctors on staff. So, organizations like Symphony Post-Acute Network form relationships between local doctors, who then visit the center during the week.

Infusino stops in at Symphony of Dyer every Monday afternoon and will head over whenever he is needed by staff or patients.

"A typical day includes heading to one of the hospitals and seeing what patients I have in the ICU, doing procedures in the ICU, then transition to whatever other patients I have in the hospital,” Infusino explained.

Then, the variables determine the rest of his day and week.

“I will have clinics, I may go to Symphony, or work on any other procedures,” he said. “It is a very busy, full day.”

Being a doctor who specializes in the pulmonary field lends itself well to working within the critical care unit, he said. Both fields he found interesting while in his training.

Pulmonary care includes working with patients who are on oxygen or whose breathing difficulties affect their sleep, causing sleep apnea.

“I was seeing many patients who had those issues and I felt it was rewarding watching them get better,” he said. “I liked the physiology and mechanics of breathing and how people breathe.”

His treatments use ventilators and other non-invasive devices to work with each patient, all the while learning more about this simple, vital act.

Infusino’s free time after work is spent with his 5-year-old son’s and 3-year-old daughter’s many activities and games, but he also enjoys traveling, cooking, and fishing.

His home in Dyer makes it the perfect place to balance everything out. He is a short drive from the two hospitals, his patients at Symphony of Dyer, and can get back to his family in time to cook dinner. Then, on the weekends he is only a 30-minute drive from Chicago and the Dunes and the beach.

“Northwest Indiana just has good geography for all the things I like to do and where I want to go,” he said.

To learn more about the Symphony of Dyer facility, click here.

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