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Standing Tall at Dyer Nursing and Rehabilitation

The OmniStand. What is it and how does it work? Well, those at Dyer Rehabilitation know.

The OmniStand is a dynamic balance system designed specifically for individuals who have poor standing tolerance or have abnormalities with static or dynamic standing balance. For those who have been confined to a wheelchair for a long period of time, the OmniStand is their chance to stand and walk.

The “fall-safe” equipment is used by those recovering from injuries, illness, or other therapy-needed issues and has been proven to significantly enhance exercise outcomes.

The piece of equipment is best used for rehabilitation because it provides static or dynamic support for patients who use a wheelchair. This machine allows the person to stand up without the aid of therapy staff. Once the patient is positioned in the OmniStand, only one staff member is needed to attend to the patient, doubling the efficiency of the staff so they can work with more patients and complete more work with each person.

The OmniStand is used to redevelop muscles that have not been used because of long wheelchair use. The stand also provides restoration of motion to joints and muscles that again, have not been used in a long period of time. For patients at Dyer, this stand is used by each person to help counteract weeks or months of wheelchair use. After a difficult surgery where the person has been bedridden, the OmniStand helps them stand and walk in a safe, slow manner as they return to mobility.


The OmniStand is suitable for assisted exercise as well as active therapeutic exercise. As the person stands, stretches, and moves, the OmniStand is providing the blood flow, joint motion, balance, and core strength needed during recovery and treatment.

Patients recovering from stroke, Parkinson’s or heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or muscle disuse atrophy are highly recommended to use the OmniStand for their recovery. But, at Dyer anyone needing that extra help in moving and standing, the OmniStand is the perfect way to get back on one’s feet!

According to Christina Doege, Director of Business Development, Dyer is the only facility in Northwest Indiana to have the OmniStand in their gym to use in their patients’ therapeutic programs, making the OmniStand and Dyer even more unique and special!

The facility’s Short-Term Rehabilitation Wing has been specifically designed for individuals who require an Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program. The program includes a board certified physical medicine and rehab physiatrist and dedicated nurse practitioners. Physical and occupational therapy is given to each patient up to seven days a week and is done in their state-of-the-art therapy gym. Other equipment includes an AlterG Treadmill, which is an anti-gravity treadmill that guarantees a faster and pain-free rehab process, plus medicine balls, bungee cords, and light weights to help strengthen the muscles and restore movement and get each patient back home healthy and happy!

To learn more about the OmniStand and at the therapy programs at Dyer Nursing and Rehabilitation center, click here.

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