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Residences at Deer Creek Celebrates Valentines Day 2017

Love is in the air! Our residents celebrated Valentine’s Day with their significant others at Deer Creek! We captured the pictures of the cute couples, some of which have spent over a half century together as husband and wife!


Love at First Sight!
Phyllis worked at JCPenney when Raymond first saw her. He was an electrical contractor working on a project in the store.

"I saw this young chick, and I liked her smile and her laugh. She was good looking!" said Ray. "I asked her out for coffee and she said yes."

"Then I asked her the BIG question and she said no," he said with a smile. "Then I kept on asking her until she said yes! She's still good looking!"

They have been married for 17 years.


Dave and Joe are still in love after 70 years of marriage!
They had chemistry from the moment they met at Standard Oil in Chicago, where they both worked.

"He was VERY charming and made an impression on me," said Jo. "On our first date, he took me to the Bismarck Hotel for dinner and dancing. We had an amazing time!"

"It's not all a bed of roses over the course of 70 years," Jo went on to say.

"There are difficulties, but everything fell into place and we didn't have to work at our love, it came naturally. He still teases me and tells jokes...what do you call them? Pick up lines!"


Happy Valentine's Day from Ed and Alice!
They went to high school together in St. Charles, and Ed would take Alice to school every day.

"I went over to her house one day for a family dinner, and we've had dinner together for the rest of our lives," said Ed. "She is a darn good wife and one heck of a mother. I'm lucky to have her."


Happy Valentine's Day from these love birds!
Sylvia and Ed went to high school together, and when he went to the Navy, she was all he could think about.

When the war was over and he returned home, he knew he wanted to be with Sylvia. They dated and married and 67 years later they are still in love!


When John Met Sally
Their love story began on a hayride! Sally needed a date to a fall party, and her friend set her up on a blind date with John. They enjoyed a fun filled evening complete with a bonfire, sweaters and apple cider.

They started going on dates in Chicago each month and would walk all over the city. Their love started to bloom!

"I love being with Sally," said John. "I love our conversations; her responses to what I say are the best. I love her companionship and visiting with her."

After they raised 4 children, they started traveling. They would go on 2-3 cruises each month. A favorite was when they followed in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul and visited the Greek Isles.

"I love the way we would put out trips together," said Sally. "We would study each country, go to the library and look at books and watch the videos. We would even visit the embassy if we could. We've had so much fun together."

John and Sally's story has lasted almost 70 years. Cheers to many more!


Tom and Millie send their love on Valentine's Day!
They've been married for 68 years and share a beautiful love story.

"I was home for the summer on a 60-day leave from the Navy, when my cousin introduced me to her family. I talked to her dad for hours before I worked up the nerve to ask her out! We went on one date and the rest is history!"

Tom came back for a 7-day leave for Christmas, and married Millie. "That's one of our favorite memories," said Tom.

They've been in love ever since!

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