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St. Catherine Hospital, Mental Health America Celebrates Mental Health Awareness Month


Mental Health America of Lake County is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the communities it serves by providing programs and services to families dealing with mental health issues.

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Regional Mental Health Center Hosts 2017 Mental Health Awareness Luncheon


Regional Mental Health Center held their annual Mental Health Awareness Luncheon at Avalon Manor on Thursday. The audience was full of interested parties from Northwest Indiana who shared lunch and learned about the importance of mental health.

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Franciscan Health: Focus On - Seasonal Affective Disorder

Franciscan-Health-Focus-On-Seasonal-Affective-DisorderSeasonal Affective Disorder, commonly called SAD, doesn’t just occur when the days get shorter and colder, it also can happen when they are longer and warmer, said Jean Lubeckis, a Franciscan Alliance licensed mental health therapist.

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New Program To Help Pregnant Women Quit Smoking

New-Program-To-Help-Pregnant-Women-Quit-Smoking-2017_01Mental Health America of Lake County (MHALC), a non-profit prevention and early intervention agency, is trained and certified to offer Baby & Me – Tobacco Free Programtm, a program aimed at helping pregnant women quit smoking.

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Community Healthcare System Expanding Behavioral Health Reach Serves Northwest Indiana


For more than 50 years, one health system's mental health division has stood above all others in delivering compassionate and expert care to some of society's most vulnerable members.

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Indiana Mental Health Centers Aim to Improve Infant Health

rot001Eight community mental health centers are working together to improve infant health in Indiana through their participation in a pilot program aimed at helping women deliver healthy babies.

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"No More Secrets" Symposium Brings the Topic of Sexual Abuse Out of the Shadows


When Frank J. Mrvan, the North Township Trustee, began speaking to a crowd of 300 people early Saturday morning, he had something planned that would hopefully strike a chord with everyone in attendance.

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3 Tips for Working with Oppositional Defiance in Teens

Brain-Balance-Tips-for-Working-with-Oppositional-Defiance-in-TeensAt first glance, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) may sound like your average teenager: defiant, argumentative and irritable. However, ODD becomes a classifiable disability when a child shows behaviors that are repeatedly and chronically disruptive or vindictive, and that interfere with their daily life. How should parents and teachers best address these behaviors, which can often escalate quickly? The following series of steps will help limit ODD episodes, which are ultimately about the child gaining control of a situation, and not necessarily acting out.

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2017 National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week Begins January 23rd

kids-jumpingNational Drug & Alcohol Facts Week is a service of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that works to educate teens about drug and alcohol use. The week long observance links students with experts to counteract the myths about drugs and alcohol that are learned from social media, TV, movies, music and from friends.

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You Know You Should Quit Smoking, So What’s the Hold up?


Smoking increases your risk for health problems and diseases. Also keep in mind that the average smoker who is actually able to live to age 75 has 5.8 fewer teeth than a non-smoker. Along with highly addictive nicotine, cigarette smoke contains a deadly mix of more than 7,000 chemicals.

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Brain Basics: A Brain in Sync

brain-balance-SFThe idea of a functional relationship between the left and right sides of the brain is hardly new. In 1949, Canadian neuropsychologist Donald O. Hebb, PhD, famously concluded that “cells that fire together wire together” after he conducted research to figure out how the brain thinks and processes information. The adage means that brains cells that are activated, fired, and come to threshold at the same time will literally build physical connections to one another. In order for this to happen, timing is crucial, especially during early brain development. If neurons don’t fire at precisely the right time, the connection doesn’t happen and it is lost forever. This glitch can happen at any time, especially in the womb when early right brain development is taking place. This is why pregnancy is such a vulnerable time for autism to...

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