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Links of the Week: Rolling Stone Magazine, Facebook’s Algorithm, and How Do You Stay Organized


How do you stay organized?

I write a lot of things down. I am pretty particular about my email. I have calendars, to-do apps, texts/Facebook messages/calls, and all that jazz. There is a lot to keep track of out there, and I manage to squeak by. There has to be a more holistic approach I can take to manage the many messages coming in and out of my face every day.

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How Running Changed Amy Blaker's Life

Amy-Blaker-01 I would be the very last person to describe myself as athletic. I have never dribbled a basketball, thrown a pitch or lobbed a volleyball over a net. And running? No, absolutely not. I did not think I was capable. As silly as it sounds, I did not even know how to run. Where do my arms go? How am I supposed to breathe?

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Links of the Week: NBA 2K18, Amazon and Whole Foods, and A Whole Lotta’ Good News Happening in the Region


I usually use the Links of the Week space to highlight some of my favorite reads from around the web that doesn’t involve the LIFE sites. This week, though, there were a bunch of stories that I really enjoyed on our sites that I really enjoyed and thought could use from cross-fertilization. I see and/or read almost everything that gets up, so if you only follow one or two of our four networks, this may make a great opportunity to see what you’re missing.

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Links of the Week: Smokeboys, LinkedIn, and Adults Choosing a New Football Team


How do you decide on a college football team to root for?

I am under the assumption that most college football fans find their fandom in three ways: 1) genetics (Dad loves Notre Dame!), 2) you find your team while young for some weird reason (Oregon’s jerseys are rad!) or 3) you go to a school with a good team.

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Links of the Week: HowStuffWorks Cashes In, Meditation Apps, and What Your Voice Sounds Like to Other People


With the finalization of the Kyrie Irving - Isaiah Thomas trade this week, it seems the NBA off-season is, finally, mostly over. The off-season, from the NBA Draft until the dog days of August, represents a time for fans to see what direction their organization is going. Some teams, like the Boston Celtics or Cleveland Cavaliers, are going for broke to make a run at the title. Other teams like the Toronto Raptors are hedging their bets, betting on their veterans with short, high-value contracts that they can easily get out of in a couple of years.

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Links of the Week: Judge Judy, Mayweather vs. McGregor, and Superhero Movies Have Officially Jumped the Shark


After this weekend it will all be over.*

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Tell Me Something Good

Tell-Me-Something-GoodThank you every single one who shared something good with me this Sunday when I asked some friends to "Tell me something good," and for these many years giving us something positive to report on, share and celebrate. There are so many challenges we are all facing that are streaming in front of us every day. Even more of them are happening every day that encourage us all about the generally positive state of mankind. Your words, stories and pictures are like vitamins for the soul. I experience much of what his great in life through you.

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Looking Back On Eight Years Of LIFE

LIFE-38 Years of Life. Our 8 Year Old Life: A Story of Perseverance and Positivity

We launched ValpoLife.com eight years ago as a grand plan you could probably fit on the back of a business card. It was just three employees and I, there above my garage, working. Based on a strong hunch, a desire to do something different in the second half of my life that fed my soul, and a resounding vote of no-confidence across every traditional media executive I suggested it to at the time, we set out with a mission. We were going to be the good news people. A hub of everything positive you could imagine about Valpo, and stick to that dead simple concept in what stories we told; pictures we took; videos we made; people we engaged with; organizations we served; and comment or tweet made online.

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Links of the Week: The Solar Eclipse, Rotten Tomatoes, and What Happens When Silicon Valley Takes Over Journalism?


So the there will be a total solar eclipse on Sunday, as you may have heard.

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Time to Rethink U. S. Highway 30

Leigh-MorrisU.S. Highway 30 is a key 155 mile traffic artery that runs between the Illinois and Ohio state lines. For most of its length, it is classified as a limited access highway, which means that at-grade intersections or driveway cuts are not allowed unless a permit is issued. However, through the years many permits have been issued so that today it should probably be considered limited access in name only. Along with the proliferation of access permits issued, there has been growth in the number of traffic signals at intersections—40 of them between I 65 and I 69 alone. All of this has impeded traffic flow and contributed to the number of accidents as vehicles enter and leave the highway.

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Links of the Week: Jennifer Lawrence, Facebook, and Why I am Not Giving Up on Football


I was *thisclose* to giving up on football this year. Once a DirecTV Red Zone Channel addict, I spent much of last year not watching football at all. There were a few reasons: the Bears were bad. I got rid of cable. I started needing more time on Sundays to do, like housework and stuff. 

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