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Leigh Morris: Ivy Tech Helps Northwest Indiana Achieve

Leigh-MorrisNorthwest Indiana has tremendous strengths in higher education with our four-year and graduate colleges and universities, but the four Region Ivy Tech campuses provide unique advantages.

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Porter County 2017 Budget Order Issued

Vicki-UrbanikThe Indiana Department of Local Government Finance has issued Porter County’s 2017 budget order, containing the approved budgets, levies, and certified tax rates for taxing units throughout the county.

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Porter County Assessor Shares Good News about 2017 Tax Rates for Porter County

jon-snyder-2017Recently, the Department of Local Government Finance released the 2017 tax rates for Porter County. A quick scan of these rates reveals that there is finally some good taxing news for Porter County. This news is that as a result of higher assessed values throughout the county and fiscal responsibility by local units of government, property tax rates have reduced. This is also an indicator that tax bills will go out on time which has now happened for at least 7 consecutive years.

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Contractors and Skilled Tradesmen: Great NWI Economic Development Assets

Leigh-Morris Our capacity to meet the complex infrastructure needs of an employer—or a prospective one—is one of Northwest Indiana’s great assets. We have about 14,500 skilled tradesmen who live and work in NWI and it’s estimated that we have 700 or so commercial, industrial, institutional and public works contractors. Some are large general contractors, and they are often teamed with smaller sub-contractors that specialize in niche markets. In combination, they can deliver whatever is needed, regardless of how complex it might be. Although this capacity can clearly influence the success of our economic development efforts, we may be guilty of not recognizing it and promoting it as one of our great regional assets.

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Survivor Series – Cancer Survivor in the Region: Cynthia Reed


Cynthia Reed’s experience with cancer goes far beyond her own battle with cervical cancer. It’s something that has touched many people in her life. Amidst all of the upheaval and emotions that come with the diagnosis and loss around her, she’s stayed positive and given back where she could.

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Top 10 Opportunities for Governor Holcomb to Support Northwest Indiana

Leigh-Morris Governor Eric Holcomb can gain recognition as the Governor who truly partnered with Northwest Indiana to capitalize on the region’s many assets and thereby enabled it to reach its potential. Governor Daniels showed the way by supporting the creation of the Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority (RDA).

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Area Women Organize for Historic March on Washington

Womens-March-on-Washington-2017The Women's March on Washington, D.C., will send a strong message to the new administration in Washington on its first day in office.

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Survivor Series – Cancer Survivor in the Region: Rob Henderson

mcdonalds-lpcl-survivor-seriesThe story of Rob Henderson’s battle with cancer could fill the pages of a book. The ups and downs he experienced in his fight were not bumps in the road, but mountains to be climbed. As with every obstacle that Henderson encounters, though, he met the immense challenge head on and just started climbing.

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Top 10 Overall Stories for NWIndianaLife in 2016


2016 is nearing its end and we've been taking a look at all of our best stories from the year with our Top 10 lists for each section of our site. It's been a great year for good news in Northwest Indiana, and we're excited to see all the positive things 2017 has to offer us!

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Top 10 Featured Stories on NWIndianaLife in 2016


We published several hundred featured stories to the NWIndianaLife.com Features section this year. Stories written by local students and more in Northwest Indiana were fair game for good news.

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Artificial Intelligence Driving the Future: Hold on!


“We have only bits and pieces of information but what we know for certain is that at some point in the early twenty-first century all of mankind was united in celebration. We marveled at our own magnificence as we gave birth to AI.” – Morpheus, The Matrix 1999

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