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#1StudentNWI: Ingot Pride Takes the Streets for the Red, White, and Blue

Golden Ingot Pride Marching Band - 4th of July Parades
At River Forest, the marching band’s appearance in the Hobart parade, held on July 4th, and Lake Station parade, held on July 3rd, is a long held ritual throughout the community and band program.

Prior to the debut of the 2017-2018 advanced band and auxiliary team, there was a week long “band week” held at River Forest for 5 days, with 7 hours each day of gruesome rehearsals. Students who completed their fourth year of band and passed the audition were welcomed into the marching band for their first taste of advanced high school band. During the 30 total hours of rehearsal, newcomers learned to march, memorize music, and experienced first-hand the issues every band member endures during the hot summers.


The band camp was led by head band director, Bridget Fine and, for the first time, assistant band director, James Wasmundt. Along their side was volunteer drum line instructor, Julie Jachimczak and auxiliary coach, Carmela Guel. Additionally the camp was led by 3 students: senior drum major, Ramon Baez and junior auxiliary captains, Lexington Harris and Hailey Bianco.

The week consisted of a lot of hard work and dedication from all involved. Apart from the 5 humid days with a bright sun and temperatures above 80 degrees, the kids still found time to make memories with the “Golden Ingot Pride family.”

On Friday, June 30th, after stretching the band was hit by the annual water balloon attack by the seniors. Later that day during marching practice, it began to pour rain half way through a song. Instead of stopping, they finished the song while being drenched in rain before bolting for the band room. Some ran for the sake of their instrument but others just walked back, already being drenched staying dry wasn’t on their mind.


After the final rehearsal on Saturday, July 1st, the band had their annual parade preview show for the parents, alumni, and band supporters. The preview consisted of the kids in full uniform marching around the parking lot and doing one full cycle of all 3 parade songs. After the performance the band hosted their annual family barbecue in the courtyard for all involved to enjoy.

This 4th of July it was a tough competition for the best marching band award in both local parades as both parades resulted in ties for first place. The band continued their winning streak as best marching band in the Hobart parade but technically tied with Hobart High School. Additionally, they regained their title of best marching band in the Lake Station parade with another first place tie with Lakeside Lutheran from Wisconsin, but also beat out rival school, Lake-Station Edison.


Ingot Athletics Approaching Fall Season
Ingot fall sports teams are working hard and anxiously awaiting the start of the 2017 season. After the IHSAA required moratorium week for the week of 4th of July, all teams are back in action, only a few weeks from the start of official practices starting in August.

Football continued to practice every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings throughout July with practices consisting of conditioning and football drills. Volleyball also continued to practice every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings throughout July but are starting to focus more time towards volleyball court drills. As the teams are all starting to come together and the future's looking bright for the upcoming seasons.


“I was really proud to see you girls start working together as a team with all that fire and intensity,” varsity head coach, Grace Myers told her team after a great practice with the girls.

Cross country also joined the mix as they started practicing in late June. The program lost a beloved coach due to resignation but the spot has been filled by algebra 1 teacher, Whitney Stanfill. Before the position was officially filled, the team decided to start getting the team together on their own. Now the team has officially started conditioning and preparing for the upcoming season next month.


Student Shoutout
Abby Galligan is an intelligent and athletic junior at River Forest High School. She played varsity basketball as a freshman and was a starter for her sophomore year. She also started for the junior varsity volleyball team as a freshman and was a usual starter for the varsity team her sophomore year.

Galligan’s favorite part of going to River Forest is being able to represent her school in sports and all the friendships she has been able to make. After she graduates in 2019, she wants to study to be an orthodontist but is unsure of where at this point. Nearing the start of her junior year she is continuing to work hard towards her future goals.


Teacher Shoutout
James Wasmundt is a new face to River Forest and band program. Wasmundt, former head band director at Lake Station-Edison High School, is now the 2nd year assistant band director at River Forest.

Wasmundt came to River Forest seeking the new position of assistant band director. The band program hasn't had an assistant band director for years but Wasmundt has been a great addition. In his first year he did a lot of amazing things for the band program, including leading them to performing in Disney World.

Outside of school Mr. Wasmundt is an active activist for the Calvary Church Global Outreach. This summer he traveled with the teachers team to Uganda Africa to help out the teachers in Uganda to better their schools.

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