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#1StudentNWI: Crown Point Crowds the Stadium and Stands

What’s Happening: The Student Section

White numbers against red, cheering fans, and an enthusiastic student section makes Friday nights under the lights the place to be. Although the Bulldogs beat the Highland Trojans on August 25 with a 35-6 win, they lost to Merrillville 34-26 on Friday, September 1.

Despite the recent loss, all games are accompanied by an abundance of school spirit. The student section (@CP_Fanz on Twitter) is the main way CPHS students communicate game details and themes for the evening. The account is run by seniors Jake McCallister and Noah Gidemann.

“(The account) was started a couple years ago,” McCallister said. “I know it was around my sophomore year and Logan Pitts ran it, and then he gave it to a couple guys that were juniors a grade above me. It was Nik Karakozis, and Grayson Lynk, and I think Matt Krampen, and then Nik passed it onto me.”

Sometimes McCallister and Gidemann pick the themes, other times the duo create a Twitter poll to let the fans decide. However, @CP_Fanz isn’t strictly centered around football.

“If the volleyball team is playing at LaPorte, we’ll give them a shoutout, or if the soccer team is playing at Lake Central we’ll give them one,” McCallister said. “But we always try to shout out the home games because that is a priority. We might not mention all the road games, but we do mention all the home games.”


McCallister encourages students to become active in the student section.

“We try to have a good time with it. At the football games and big events, everyone’s loud and into it, and it’s just a good atmosphere,” McCallister said. “You’re missing out on a great atmosphere, a good time, and a good football team. There’s a lot to do there, you can get involved, there’s plenty of people to meet, and it’s a lot of fun.”

What’s Coming Up: Homecoming


The homecoming football game is Friday, September 29th at 7 pm against LaPorte. The dance is the next day, September 30th, in the fieldhouse from 6-9 pm. Junior class sponsor and child development teacher Ginny Zega is in charge of the decorations for the dance.

“The theme this year is ‘A Blast From The Past’,” Zega said. “It will be decorated with Marilyn Monroe and other types of figures from the past. Tickets will be sold online for $18 a person.”


Seniors may bring outside guests, but that guest must be in high school and a form must be filled out and then approved by the administration. Forms can be picked up in the guidance office. Planning ahead, the College and Career Fair will be Monday, September 11th from 5-6:30 in the fieldhouse. This event is free and there will be college, military, and employer/trade school representatives from all across the U.S. All grade levels and parents are encouraged to attend. Herff-Jones representatives will also be there for seniors wanting to order items related to senior class.

Student Spotlight: Morgan Taylor


Creativity is often in the center of junior Morgan Taylor’s life. She is a part of CPHS’s Royal Regiment as a member of the color guard, involved in advanced and chamber orchestra, is in the pit orchestra for the musical, and newspaper.

“Color guard is part of the marching band. We are the ones you see spinning the flags, rifles, and sabers,” Taylor said. ”Color guard is probably my favorite activity because learning the routine and finally getting to go out and perform it is so rewarding. It's not your typical dance team or sport because of the unique equipment involved, and I truly feel that color guard is the most interesting sport to watch because of its raw beauty and power.”

She has played the cello since 4th grade and loves a wide range of music.

“Over the summer I went to Lollapalooza and got to see Mac Demarco which was the show of a lifetime,” Taylor said. “Back in May, I also got to see Father John Misty at the Chicago Theater, and I have to say that was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I am also going to see AJJ on September 11 for the second time and I am beyond excited about that since they are probably my favorite band of all time.”

In the future, Taylor wants to attend beauty school to become a makeup artist.

“I have a huge passion for makeup. I love the endless possibilities that makeup can give you. It gives people a newfound confidence and enhances all of your already beautiful features. Or if it's special effects makeup you can turn someone into an alien or a fairy. I just love the versatility and endless possibilities.”

Teacher Spotlight: Colleen Fano


Colleen Fano teaches Pre-AP English 10H and American Literature. She attended Purdue Calumet and majored in English Secondary Education.

Fano is also the student council sponsor. The student council is in charge of homecoming, but they also host other events and fundraisers like the Blood Drive in November and Dance Marathon in May for Lurie’s Children Hospital in Chicago.

“I started as a co-sponsor with another teacher,” Fano said. “I love to plan events, so it was a perfect fit for me. I also really love giving students opportunities to lead and feel accomplished.”

Fano has been married for almost seven years and has a one-year-old son, Everett. She loves The Beatles and the Harry Potter series.

Fano enjoyed writing in college and thought about a journalism major, but an English class helped her decide she was meant to teach reading and writing.

“My favorite part of teaching is the in-class discussions. Analytical skills come naturally to most people, so making connections between our lives and what we read is always really interesting,” Fano said. “It gives students and myself a chance to share things and get to know each other better.”

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