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Judas Priest Brings Heavy Metal to Hammond's Horseshoe Casino

When speaking of iconic heavy metal bands, one can’t get too far without referencing Judas Priest. The band formed in 1969 and though it’s seen some changes since, it has remained true to its heavy sound. We got the chance to talk with bassist, Ian Hill, ahead of the band’s April 6th performance at the Horseshoe Casino - here’s what he had to say!

NWIL: What memories of coming to the Northwest Indiana / Chicago area does the band have?

Ian: We have great memories of the Chicago area. We visit every tour, you know. Some of the shows we’ve done have been memorable - there were great shows there. We even played with Kiss in the 70’s and 80’s and we love Chicago. We appreciate all the support we’ve had from the Chicago folks over the years. It’s one of our favorite places we like to visit.

NWIL: After playing for so many years, what’s it like to still see the crowd come alive?

Ian: It’s an amazing thing. After 50 years we’re still popular and relevant enough to still be doing this after all these years. I think we try to improve every time, every album we try to take a step forward. It keeps us relevant, current, and fresh. I think it’s one of the biggest reasons we’ve had all this longevity. I’m happy to wake up in the morning these days, and then to go on and do this is special after all this time.

NWIL: Firepower has been getting some great reviews - what was the band’s mindset behind the album and its creation?

Ian: Same as it always has been. As I said, we try to take that step forward. The writing procedure is the same. Richie and Glenn came up with their own ideas and Rob always has lyrics. They’ll get together and form strong structures off the pieces they have. When they have a coherent album basically, that’s when Scott and myself put our parts to it. Then we polish it up a little bit. By time we get to the studio we’re ready to go. We’ve done it that way for years now.

NWIL: What’s the coolest use of your music in pulp culture outside of your performances, do you enjoy that use of your music?

Ian: In the 80s when Heavy metal was the more popular form of music, there were a few things. It’s always flattering when someone wants to use your material to promote what they’re selling. It’s a good feeling.

NWIL: What are you looking forward to this tour?

Ian: This is what we do. We just look forward to each project, album, and tour cycle. We love what we do for a living so we were excited and there are loads of incentives to get us on the road and to carry on. After all these years, we’re still able to do it and you know, as the saying goes - “No one gets out of this alive so do what you can while you can.” So that’s what we’ll do, what we can, while we can because we love it.

With years of experience, Judas Priest is still bringing heavy metal to the masses. Check out some more information on their Firepower 2018 tour, or take a look at their website for even more great information on the band!

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