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Indiana Beverage Tests the Strength of Hoosiers with National Beer Stein Hoisting Competition


Arm shaking, face scrunched up, teeth gritted. While holding a brew is usually casual faire, Samuel Adam’s Stein Hoisting Competition takes it to another level, and Indiana Beverage is bringing the tradition to bars across Northwest Indiana.

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Fun Things to Do This Summer in Merrillville


Merrillville, Indiana has a plethora of great places to eat, drink, shop, and fun for all ages and interests. For the simpletons just looking to blow a few hours, check out the local movie theater or do a little shopping. Maybe you’d like to try something new and different. Whatever piques your interest, get to know Merrillville’s fun side a little better.

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Independence Day Gives the Region a Reason to Celebrate


Independence Day Weekend in Northwest Indiana gives a great opportunity to get out, enjoy their community and celebrate our nation's birth. Ideas in Motion Media is out and about celebrating right there with you, capturing the best shots of parades, fireworks, kids, parents, and all of the great organizations that are putting on and participating in big celebrations across the region.

From the huge Duneland Chamber of Commerce Fireworks on the Lakefront through Michigan City's BIG Parade, we captured several of Northwest Indiana's community celebrations with photos and some words from those who were there. Click below to see the photos and scroll down to see how the region celebrated 2014 Independence Day!

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Zao Island Adds 13 New Go-Karts Just in Time for Spring 2014!


We've added a ton of new awesome features here at Zao Island to make sure that our customers continue to always have a great entertainment experience. You've seen our recent additions to the arcade, now check out our new Go Karts!

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Logo Contest Submission Deadline Extended to February 24th!

City-of-Crown-PointChildren of Crown Point, we need your help in designing a logo for our parade!

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How You Can Get Involved with NWIndianaLife.com Entertainment

EntertainmentArticleImage NWILNWIndianaLife.com is a new community-based website, focusing on an exclusively-positive view on the people, places, organizations, and businesses serving Northwest Indiana. We aim to be the central hub for all of the great information out there, and tell all of the great stories of the community in the Region.

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Portage YMCA Kicks Off the No Bummer Summer Day Camp

portage-ymca-summercamp-2013-1For about 30 years, the Portage Township YMCA has taken a large interest in providing their community with an exciting summer day camp program. C.C. Cayetano, School Age Child Care Coordinator (SACC) for the Y, heads all activities and developmental operations for campers along with her dedicated staff.

“As a whole, we saw that children also needed care outside regular school time. They still needed care during the summer months so we brought on summer camp. It’s been taking place in the Portage High School for a couple years and we really enjoy the area they give to us,” Cayetano said.

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Links of the Week: National Geographic, Manti Te’o, and the Presidential Inauguration

brett-favreI understand this makes me the Brett Favre of weekly link roundups on good news websites, but I’m coming back. I am un-retiring the Links of the Week blog once again.

I wrote about 60 of these in a row, followed by 8 months or so off, un-retired, wrote two more, the re-retired. So that makes this my un-re-retirement? Something like that.

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Say What? The Wacky World of Grammar

Can you bear to look at bare kitchen cabinets?

IndianaChamberRight now, you’re either wondering where in the world I’m going with this blog or you’re nodding your head knowingly at my use of homonyms. I was inspired to pen that fun (at least, I think it’s fun!) bear vs. bare sentence after receiving an amusing e-mail from a colleague about how confusing the English language can be.

I admit it! I love words and the stories they tell – whether it’s through prose in a book, lyrics in a song or verses in a poem. It’s similar in the business world. The words we use (and the way we present them) share a story about our organization. And no matter where we work or what we do, we want our communications to be professional and error free.

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Links of the Week: Randy Moss, MLB Realignment, and Proof Things Were Better When I Was a Kid

This week, Randy Moss -- one of my all-time favorite football players -- retired.

*moment of silence*

He had an awful season last year, where he underproduced for the Patriots, got traded to the Vikings, released, signed by Tennessee, and barely played. He’s one of the all-time most athletic people to play the game of football, and while sure he was a “diva” and “problematic”, he came up with this pass, helped the 2002 MVP and the 2007 MVP pick up their titles, and went 15-1 in one season and 16-0 in another (without winning a ring - Lombardi Tweet), and was the top receiver on the two best offenses ever. The Sports Illustrated Vault put together an awesome gallery of rare photos of the often-maligned wide receiver.

So, on the note that it sucks when your favorite players retire before they should, here are your Links of the Week:

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Links of the Week: Humblebrags, Muppets, and What’s the Greatest Wrestling Theme Song Ever?

I believe that writing, in a lot of ways, is like exercising. The more you do it, the easier it is and the more you see the results of your labor.

If you exercise once in a blue moon, you shouldn't be expecting six-pack abs and a gun show. Likewise, if you write only once in a blue moon, you’ll probably find your sentences and paragraphs to be a little flabby and doughy, without as much meat to them as there would be if you were writing every day.

Thanks to a semi-disciplined workout routine, I've shed about 30 pounds in the past few months. And thanks to a semi-disciplined routine, that's where we're getting with the Links of the Week. Soon the blog will be a lean, mean, link-aggregatin' machine. But this being my second blog back after my self-imposed hiatus, it may still be a little doughy, so to speak.


And so on this slightly flabby...

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