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Brian Shaw, The World's Strongest Man, Returns to Muller Acura to Sign Autographs and Share His Story with Fans

The horsepower of an average semi-truck is somewhere around 400, and those can pull a lot of freight. Alternatively, you could strap that same freight to Brain Shaw, four time World’s Strongest Man, and see him pull it for a while. Shaw returned to Muller Acura, where he pulled a semi last year, for a meet and greet with a huge crowd of fans.

The champion strongman partnered up with Muller Acura for the third time in order to give autographs and photo opportunities to his dedicated fans. Muller Acura, owned by Glenn Muller who has become fast friends with Shaw over the past few years, hosted the open event which included free rib tips and more. Shaw met with fans for over four hours, engaging them with his famous humble and gentle attitude.

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“At the end of the day, what I do as a strongman and in competing is for the fans,” said Shaw. “In my mind, without the fan support, we don’t have anything. You have to have supporters and fans as an athlete, so when I get to do events like this it’s so fun for me because I get to meet all these people that have followed me or watched me on TV. It’s giving back to them and for me, it means a lot.”

The crowd contained people from all walks of life, with some traveling hours for the chance to shake Shaw’s hand. Many were eager to tell him stories of how they were inspired by his lifestyle and feats to start losing weight, training, or simply taking better care of themselves. One man and gym owner, Luis Gonzalez, even started doing truck pulls at his gym, Life Power, after being motivated by Shaw’s display last year. He brought the gym’s “Hercules” harness, signed by Shaw last year, for another one this year.

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“Well the short story with the harness is that my son’s nickname is Hercules,” said Gonzalez. “We came out last year to see Brian pull the semi-truck, and being inspired by that we now have clients, including females that pull the truck and trailer, roughly 20 or 30 thousand pounds when they only weight maybe 115 pounds. We’ll be doing that next Sunday.”

Muller Acura and Shaw’s partnership is more than simply business, Muller and Shaw are personal friends. Muller has even visited Shaw's home in Colorado. Yet it started fairly simply, Muller, being a fan of Strongman competition, reached out to Shaw to have an event a few years back and it turned into an annual celebration.

“I’ve been a fan of Strongman competitions for many years,” said Muller. “One day I thought, ‘Wow, it’d be great to get Brian out here,’ so I reached out to him and our friendship built from there. This event is about building a relationship with the community, I want people to know that we’re here and we’re friendly. I consider Brian a friend, and beyond that, I don’t think I could’ve found a better world-class athlete that I’d want representing us – he genuinely cares about his fans.”

Any world-class athlete that will stand for hours to meet and chat with his fans is definitely one you want in your corner.

To learn more about Muller Acura, visit www.mulleracuraofmerrillville.com. For more about Brian Shaw visit www.shawstrength.com.


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