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Strack & Van Til's Healthy Eating Event Introduces Consumers to New, Healthy Products

From cookie chips to apple cider vinegar, Strack & Van Til’s Healthy Eating Event showcased the various sensible food options that are available to their consumers at their Valparaiso and Chesterton locations.

Eighteen different brands brought several delectable samples for Strack & Van Til customers to try. The organic produce section was lined with booths offering shoppers ample opportunities to experience new foods. With appearances from brands such as Sucker Punch Pickles and Salsa, Essentia Water, Larabar, and even Strack & Van Til themselves, customers took advantage of the chance to learn about healthy food alternatives.

Dietary education is a large part of the event as a whole, according to Director of Center Store Merchandising Dan Szubka.

“This is our sixth year doing this event. We just pick a couple stores every other month and do a big event for the shoppers where we have a couple dozen demos of organic, natural, gluten-free foods. We want to help get new brands out there or to help shoppers try brands that they have never tried before,” said Szubka.

Szubka also stated that Valparaiso has been one of the best places to hold these events. According to him, Valpo has “two of [Strack & Van Til’s] top organic stores where there is a shopper base that really looks for healthy items.”

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Those simply seeking a healthier diet were not alone in their search; shoppers with specific dietary restrictions also tried many of the new items at the Healthy Eating Event. For example, Ken Watson decided to attend the event because he is diabetic and hoped to broaden his knowledge on foods that he can eat despite his dietary limitations.

“Events like this one open up options for people who get into a routine,” said Watson. “It offers an opportunity for those with restrictions to try new foods.”

Watson’s favorite booth at the event passed out Hannah Max’s Cookie Chips, which are thin, crispy alternatives to regular cookies. Ran by Stephanie Crowley, the booth introduced customers to flavors of Cookie Chips such as chocolate chip and cinnamon sugar.

“Cookie Chips are made from real sugar and cage-free eggs. Almost everyone can try our products. Although there are still some people with severe allergies, it’s definitely nice knowing that we can adhere to the needs of a lot more customers. I like talking to people who have a lot of questions about our products,” said Crowley as she gave customers samples of her snacks.

Brand representatives just like Crowley were eager to help customers find the foods that are right for them throughout the event. Through the power of dietary knowledge and a variety of healthy foods, Strack & Van Til shoppers explored a myriad of delicious dishes.

For more information on programs and events from Strack & Van Til, click here.

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