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McShane's Business Products & Solutions: Don't Panic, Here's Your GDPR Guide

McShanes-Dont-panic-heres-your-GDPR-guide_01 Ready to hit the GDPR panic button?
Have you taken time to consider how the GDPR may impact your business? Do you know what, if anything, you need to do? If you answered 'no', you're not alone. Here’s our quick guide to get you started.

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5-Star Reviews for CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana

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CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana provides the best service when it comes to painting your house. Both their website and Facebook page showcase many customers that highly recommend their services.

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An Inside Look Behind Steindler Signs and their Many Services


A sign has the ability to tell a story, a brand, and a mission in the matter of a second. Steindler Signs and Graphix gives every customer that opportunity to have in their community, as they understand that the end product consists of a multitude of detailed steps.

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CompressAir and the Benefit of Compressed Air System Audits


When is the last time you had your compressed air system looked at? Sounds like a loaded question, but an audit of your compressed air system can highlight the true costs of that system and identify chances to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. Plus, the U.S. Department of Energy determined that, on average, of the $40,000 in energy a year it takes to run one 100 hp air compressor, up to 50% or more is wasted! In other words, proper checkups of your compressed air system, like any other piece of machinery, leads to a win-win. Here’s a breakdown of all the benefits of a compressed air system audit, courtesy of CompressAir.

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Extend the Life of Your Roof with Korellis Roofing


Entrepreneurs spend hour after hour planning out their business’s location, envisioning the ideal building, and of course, keeping operations running smoothly. Korellis Roofing are industry veterans and often take part in that process through their quality roofing services, but too often see local businesses forget something important until it’s too late – preventative maintenance.

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Three Purdue Foundry-Affiliated Startups to Be Featured at TechCrunch Conference in San Francisco Next Month


Three startups that have been receiving assistance from the Purdue Foundry will be featured at the TechCrunch Disrupt SF Conference to be held next month in San Francisco.

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Ozinga: How to Expand CNG


With the increasing use of compressed natural gas (CNG) as an alternate fuel source comes the discussion of how to more extensively use it as a clean energy source. While 30 percent of the United States’ energy sources are natural gas, less than one percent of that is used as fuel for vehicles like CNG trucks.

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McShane's Business Products & Solutions July 2018 Tech Update

McShanes-July-2018-Tech-Update_01Maximize your productivity with our ultimate guide
Whether it’s apps, your state of mind, how you manage time or even your computer setup, there are lots of ways to maximize your productivity – our ultimate guide will show you how.

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Overhead Door Company Northwest Indiana: Pick a Door, Any Door!

OHDNWI-01-1A garage door can make or break a home. Whether the overall look of the garage ties into the home’s aesthetic, or the quality of the garage door makes for easy maintenance, choosing a garage door is a bigger deal than you’d anticipate! Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana has every type of residential garage door imaginable. The options are many, but Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana helps break it down.

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McShane's Business Products & Solutions June 2018 Tech Update


Infographic | What cybercrime costs U.S. businesses
Cybercrime is the biggest threat facing U.S. SMBs. Find out what ransomware and other cyberattacks are costing U.S. businesses now and in the coming years.

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Kick Summer Off Right with a New Concrete Patio


When the weather gets warmer, a nice outdoor patio is a great place to mingle with friends or family, read a new book, have a great meal, or just enjoy the outdoors. While there are different types of patios you can choose from, opting for a concrete patio provides you with added strength and more attractive options than you could imagine.

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