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Traci Brubaker: Making the Car-Buying Experience Great at Team Chevy in Valparaiso

Traci Brubaker, a saleswoman at Team Chevy in Valparaiso, loves her job. Helping customers solve problems and find the perfect car for them and their family is now her mission every day, and for Brubaker, it runs in the family.

“Both of my brothers worked for Team and they were both managers,” Brubaker said. “I sold State Farm insurance for eight years and we were actually winning a contest, so I needed to sell a few more things. I asked my brother, ‘Hey, will you buy more life insurance?’ He said, ‘Sure but why don’t you consider coming and selling cars?’”

“So, we won the contest and the next day I resigned, gave my two weeks, and started selling cars!” she said.

Brubaker had previously expressed some interest in the business but there was still a stigma that comes with selling cars and being a salesperson. Now, years later, things have changed and the timing was right for her to blossom in this career.

“It’s gotten a lot better,” said Brubaker. “The feeling around car salespeople has changed and, when I started, I set out to change that feeling. I try really hard not be the stereotypical salesperson.”

“It takes some myth busting to debunk the sense people have about us. I honestly believe that people in the car business are some of the hardest working people out there. There are times we’re here until 11pm or midnight and it’s really hard to set a date that you’re available because you never know when someone's going to walk through the door.”

For Brubaker, the heart of her work, and where she gets the most satisfaction, centers around customers who aren’t sure what they’re able to afford or what their credit score might be.

“I work to put all of the puzzle pieces together to find the perfect fit that will make sense and will be a car that someone can actually afford, and love,” she said. “I would say that five out of ten people that come see me don’t think they can buy a car when they walk in the door.”

“The funny thing about being human is that when you go to run someone's credit, whether they have bad credit or excellent credit, everybody gets nervous. Every single person. It’s like someone is looking into your soul and that number means so much to so many so it’s a very personal thing. We try to make it as fun and easy as possible.”

Relationships are an integral part of building your business and your clientele. For those working in car business, it might be the most important part of the job. Much of car sales is about referrals and making connections, and Brubaker works hard to get to know her clients in a more meaningful way. By doing that she’s better able to find exactly what that customer is looking for.

“There are so many people that come back year after year,” Brubaker said. “I just had some people drive all the way from Dyer to see me and see our cars, and I have some clients from as far away as Michigan. Most of my business is referral business or repeat customers and there’s really no better compliment than that.”

The culture of Team Chevy is also a bright spot for Brubaker. While there is some competition to sell more than the next person, everyone celebrates each other's successes and the concept of the ‘team’ is always front and center along with the interests of the customer.

“We sell as a team as well and we really want to change the car-buying experience for our customers. We really care about the customer so we try our very, very best to just make it an incredible experience.”

The efforts have paid off as Brubaker and Team Chevy boast great ratings and reviews online which is becoming increasingly important as much of the preparation to buy a car now happens online.

To making your next car-buying experience a great one, visit: www.chevyon30.com/, or stop in to Team Chevy to see Traci Brubaker at 1856 US 30 in Valparaiso!

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