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Anita Hershman Uses Teaching Experience to Aid Students at the Real Estate Licensing Institute

Inspiring and dedicated instructors can be a beacon of hope when looking into advancing your education. As an adult, furthering education can be a daunting, and often discouraging task when faced with the realization that formal education ended a long time ago.

The Real Estate Licensing Institute is lucky to have dedicated instructors like Anita Hershman to help students along the way. Hershman has a history of teaching, with beginnings as a middle and high school teacher.

“I taught middle and high school for 20 years,” Hershman explained. “My favorite classes now are the ones I have with former students from that time.”

Hershman’s teaching history helps her to create content and lessons that further student learning and retention. With her teaching experience, she possesses a unique understanding of the myriad of ways in which students learn, and how she can best help them to grasp challenging content.

“I had created teaching materials and made those available to the students that may not be available by someone who doesn't understand education. I’ve created crosswords and open ended outlines and things like that for them to use as study tools, in addition to lectures and the book,” explained Hershman.

She also finds it important to take the time to learn about and understand her students. Knowing that motivations for furthering education differ, she understands the need to find unique and relevant explanations and experiences.

“Getting to know a little about the students is also important. Their motivation is what drives them to be there, that single person is looking for a change,” said Hershman. “They have to learn the same things but if you know what motivates them, you know how to better help them learn.”

Hershman finds herself motivated by helping students succeed, and puts forth an extra effort to assist them in learning the required material. Her only goal is to see that they receive the education and tools they need to pass the required exams, receive their license, and begin a rewarding career in real estate.

“I have one goal in the class and that is to help everyone learn what they need to pass and go on to become licensed agents. We don’t study to pass the class, we study to pass the exam,” said Hershman.

As a dedicated instructor with many years of teaching experience, Hershman is an asset to the Real Estate Licensing Institute. By connecting with students, engaging them in new ways, and ensuring they have the materials needed to be successful, she’s happily sent many along their way to a new career.

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