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Hartman Global Discusses the Difference Between Copyright and Trademark

HartmanGlobalWhile the terms trademark and copyright both carry similar weight in regards to protecting the intellectual or designed property of an individual, company or organization, the differences between what these two terms represent is quite different.

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Hartman Global IP Discusses What Exactly is Fair Use


In this age of sharing and creating content, being aware of the fair use doctrine is an important thing for any content creator to be aware of. While the rules may seem straightforward and while most would assume that they would be safe to write or talk about any kind of content they choose, there are many factors to consider before you hit record.

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Hartman Global IP is Ready to Help Clients Through the Patent Process


 For many, the dream of having their own invention or idea come to fruition is a goal that comes with plenty of challenges and steps necessary to succeed. For an average inventor navigating this environment, it often comes with plenty of obstacles and processes that provide a long and grueling process to navigate.

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Hartman Global IP Has the Knowledge and Expertise When it Comes to Patents


For inventors who have the "next big thing" waiting to set the world on fire, the legal experts at Hartman Global IP are ready to help take your invention from idea to reality, while helping along the way with each step and process.

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Hartman Global IP Provides Support and Expertise to Businesses and Individuals


When it comes to new ideas and new designs, having legal control and legal knowledge of your creations is of paramount importance to both businesses and individual creators.

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Greater Portage Chamber of Commerce to Host Legislative Class

portagechamber-logoThe Portage Chamber of Commerce will host a legislative call on Friday, March 6, 2015 at 7:30am at the Chamber office, located at 2642 Eleanor St. in Portage.

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NWI Volunteer Lawyers Seeking More Volunteers

gavelNWI Volunteer Lawyers offer legal assistance to low income individuals in the following areas:

  • Family
  • Housing
  • Consumer – including bankruptcy (Note: to apply for bankruptcy help you must first be screened through Indiana Legal Services: 219-738-6040)
  • Probate
  • Public Benefits

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Steps to Completing Your Last Will and Testament

probate1. Destroy All Copies of Old Wills. If you have previously executed a Will, physically destroy it. Even though our Wills technically “revoke” all of your prior wills, you should not rely on this language to revoke them.

2. Enter Your Information and Delete Blank Lines. Enter your information and bequests into the form where you see blank lines. Delete the remainder of the blanks after you have input your information. (Your Will should not resemble a form when you’re done.)

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Portage Chamber to Host 2014 Legislative Call

portagechamber-logoAll Chamber members are invited to the Friday, January 17 Legislative Hotline beginning at 7:30 a.m. held at the Portage Chamber Office 2642 Eleanor Street, Portage, IN

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IU Northwest School of Business Offers Free Tax Preparation Families Making Under $50K Annually are Eligible for Service

rot1Beginning Friday, Feb. 7 and continuing on most Friday evenings through April, Northwest Indiana families with less than $50,000 in annual income may take advantage of the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program at the Indiana University Northwest School of Business and Economics. This service provides free electronic tax filing of federal and state returns for local families.

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Organizing Paperwork Makes Tax Time Easier

save-on-taxesRather than waiting until a few days (or the day!) before the tax-filing deadline, start organizing your paperwork now. After all, the earlier you file, the earlier you’ll get your refund — if you’re entitled to one. And if you end up owing the IRS money, at least you can file on time and avoid paying late filing penalties.

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