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Hartman Global IP Provides Support and Expertise to Businesses and Individuals

When it comes to new ideas and new designs, having legal control and legal knowledge of your creations is of paramount importance to both businesses and individual creators.

Hartman Global is an intellectual property law firm that since 1990 have been specializing in protecting the intellectual property of clients not only from Northwest Indiana but the rest of the world as well. Ranging from businesses to government agencies, Hartman Global has extensive experience and expertise in this field of legal affairs.

Owned by both Gary and Domenica Hartman, these two legal experts along with the rest of their team are highly trained and highly experienced on the field of intellectual property rights. Along with law degrees, every attorney holds a Bachelor of Science in materials science or mechanical engineering, as well as previous experience as an engineer within the industry, allowing an in-depth understanding and appreciation for inventors and entrepreneurs. This area of expertise has been applied to a wide range of areas ranging from material sciences, mechanical engineering and computer technology.

"When people come in they got their little baby with them," says Domenica Hartman. "That's what I love most about this job, it's helping them take their project, their baby from start to finish. We've had a lot of fun working with companies from their startup. It's been emotionally rewarding, satisfying and fun."

Hartman Global's services consist of expertise and advice with patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Working in the past with organizations and businesses such as Urschel Laboratories, Valparaiso University, and the City of Valparaiso, Hartman Global has provided their service, protecting dozens of products, slogans, and property rights that have brought forth the innovative products and process that make up modern society.

"People come in here and they at first, do not realize just how much of a process it is to get these things in motion," says Domenica. "It's a two to three-year process and we're here to help you through all of the steps."

It's these steps that the attorneys at Hartman Global specialize in. Along with numerous steps and processes that go into IP law, each area holds its share of nuisances and rules that provide a monumental challenge for an individual looking to register their own IP. Domenica, along with the rest of the staff is prepared to deal with each detail and individual case, making sure that everyone is given full and proper attention.

"We've been very blessed with everyone we have worked with," says Domenica. "We value each and every one of our clients whether its the little guy coming in with his garage invention to the Purdue Universities and Urschel Labs of the world, everyone one of them is just as important as the other guy."


Hartman Global Intellectual Property Law
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