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Are You Up for the Challenge? A Sales Position at Ideas in Motion Media

At Ideas in Motion Media, we pride ourselves on the fact that we out-hustle, out-communicate, and out-perform as a medium for a business to communicate its messages to potential customers in the markets that we serve. For businesses and organizations that partner with ValpoLife.com, PortageLife.com, LaPorteCountyLife.com and NWIndianaLife.com, our job goes well beyond just running a bunch of ads for our advertisers.

Our job is to communicate what is good about a company, in every way we possibly can, so that the business grows as a result of what we are doing.

It’s as simple as that. In one way, our products sell themselves. We measure everything, so we can constantly refine what we do for our clients. Our only priority is making sure what we do works best for the organizations that partner with us.

We are looking for talented, driven individuals to help us communicate who we are and what we offer with businesses that serve Northwest Indiana. We are looking for people who are:

  • Hard working in attitude
  • Aggressive in mentality and seeks and conquers challenges
  • Engaging personalities who feel comfortable creating communication
  • Self-starters who have goals above and beyond ours
  • Gregarious when talking to new people
  • Eager to get out and introduce the people and businesses of Northwest Indiana to ValpoLife, PortageLife, LaPorteCountyLife, and NWIndianaLife
  • Suited to a hyper-entrepreneurial environment with low structure and high expectations for personal performance as part of a team.
  • Able to work well under pressure
  • Results-oriented, as sales is a very performance-driven profession
  • Comfortable talking to people on the phone, in person, and via email and social networks creating relationships
  • Confident that they understand and believe in the concepts behind the LIFE networks and can energetically communicate those ideals to business owners and decisions
  • Well-spoken with a solid writing background for consistent, professional, and impactful conversation online, over the phone, and in person.
  • Geared to fitting in to our team-oriented, fast paced, no-BS environment

We are a new way for businesses to communicate with people being an online source versus a traditional media source. We represent a whole new concept in bringing so much information about one community together in one place, and doing it in an exclusively positive manner. Businesses are very mindful of their marketing budgets during challenging times, and may not be geared to considering “new” options, regardless of whether they perform better than traditional methods or not.

The role we are looking for is commission-based compensation and is based on productivity. The right candidate will do exceptionally well, and will have significant upside with a very fast growing company. The wrong candidate will fail and there is very little gray area in between.

With these challenges and opportunities, sales for the LIFE networks can be the easiest and the hardest job in the world at the same time. It requires passion, persuasion, and performance.

If you are unsure about fitting this description in any way, we would rather you not apply. We are interested only in folks that are truly excited about how they could rock this role and are very confident that they are the right fit for a fast-growing, dynamic company where you are learning and improving every day.  Your time, and our time, is very valuable, and we very much understand that this role will not be a good fit for most, whether that is due to the style, expectations, compensation, culture, or any other facet of the role.

If you are interested:

  • Go to the site and read and review the Marketing Kit.
  • Check out the site and our social networks in depth to get a feel for the content we offer and the attitude that exists on the site.
  • Review how the specific advertising options relate to the content and how that all works.
  • Send us your resume along with a persuasive and descriptive cover letter that is 2 pages maximum in length that tells us why you “get it”, how you would help others “get it”, and why you are the one to connect all that together successfully.  Send those to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Please only send resumes with full persuasive and descriptive letters as described above, as those are the only candidates that we will be considering.  We will follow up directly with each submission that has those two items.  No calls.

We look forward to hearing from some outstanding individuals and presenting them an excellent opportunity to thrive.

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