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La Porte McDonald's Reinvests in Employees

While remodeling a building can do wonders for a company and its image, reinvesting in employees is just as important for the longevity and success of a business. While the McDonald’s in Michigan City has recently been under construction to reinvest into what the building brings to the Michigan City community, they continue to further grow what they have to offer as an employer.

Dexter Eckwood, General Manager at the McDonald's in Michigan City has been the general manager for almost a year and was a department manager before that, being with the company an entire 11 years. The story began when Dexter was young and persistently approached Operator Sam Lubeznik for a career opportunity as soon as he was eligible to work.

“McDonald’s has been great. It’s been fast and steady, and I’ve been able to work at my own pace. There are always opportunities within the company here if you work hard. It’s been quite an experience,” says Eckwood as he described why he's loved working for the fast food restaurant for as long as he has. Fast growth and opportunities to climb to the top are just a few of the reasons that McDonald's is an amazing business to work for.

If the room for upward mobility isn't enough, McDonald's also offers benefits to their employees. Eckwood says, "Health insurance is also one of the biggest things that the company offers, and the paid vacations are nice, too."

On top of growth, new crew members start at an extremely competitive wage. They are able to qualify for pay raises, in addition to a pay increase after 90 days and after one year of service with the company.

This is the second consecutive year that the McDonald’s has kept the philosophy of improving team member benefits, understanding that how they take care of their employees impacts how the employees, therefore, will take care of their customers.

Reinvesting into the McDonald’s employees in ways like making massive improvements in pay scales and benefits can be accredited for why the team is where they are today. With advancements such as these, the cycle of compensation, and its effects on production, continues and leads to higher level pay and even better benefits.

It is more than obvious that McDonald’s believes the way to succeed is to focus on being the best employer possible for workers in the Region, and not by focusing on just competition.

The Michigan City store is excited to open its doors to the community and show off the entire new state of the art building that includes every upgrade that was available to them as an option - there are even new service platforms that will be available for customers to use during their experience!

The McDonald’s building is set to reopen early to mid-March. If we were you, we would check out the job opportunities at the Michigan City McDonald's and work with awesome employees like Dexter before they reopen! To learn more about McDonald’s employment and supersizing your career, visit https://www.mcdonalds.com/us/en-us.html.

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