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Rachel Gray Puts Her People Person Skills in Play at Muller Acura of Merrillville

Rachel Gray, Internet Manager for Muller Acura, started a little over three months ago at the Merrillville-based dealership and, since coming aboard, Gray’s enjoyed every minute of her time with the company. Even from her first interview, Gray knew she was in the right place.

“When I came in and met with the owner, Glenn (Muller), we instantly hit it off,” Gray explained. “Laughing, joking, and telling him my experiences in the car industry, I am someone who loves to learn and Glenn really appreciates that.”

“We really clicked right away,” she added. “He’s a strong motivator and I knew right away that this was going to be a good fit.”

Gray was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She attended both high school and college in Green Bay, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Concordia University. Gray has always worked in customer service and her experience working with customers and clients goes way beyond her two years in the car industry.

“I’ve only been in the car business for two years, but my experience in customer service goes back to the time that I was 16-years old,” Gray explained. “It goes back to my first job and I just really love working with people and I love helping people as much as I can.”

Gray’s people skills come in handy everyday as the Internet Manager at Muller Acura. Her day-to-day routine varies but, in general, she is the first person to get in touch with customers.

“When we get a lead from our website, what I do is I look to see what type of car a potential customer is interested in and whether we have that car in stock,” Gray explained. “Then, I get a deal for the customer and give them a call to let them know, ‘Great news, the vehicle’s here!’ If they have any questions, I can answer them. Mainly, I’m just trying to get a feel for who the customer is and get them to come into the store so they can meet the staff and see our wonderful facility.”

Meeting and getting to know the team and to be a part of the bigger picture at Muller Acura has been a great experience for Gray. The team atmosphere and positive reinforcement that she has received has made her introduction to the company all the more rewarding.

“We’re a very family-oriented team and we all have to do our best, and do our part, to be successful,” Gray said. “When I walk into work I’m excited to be here every day. All of us are working together and we start every day with a smile, and we leave with a smile.”

“There’s a real effort to do things the right way here,” she added. “It’s really all about having open communication and a ‘high 5’s all around’ mentality. I’ve probably even written #TeamUs at some point. Everybody works together and it’s not a place where we say ‘That’s not my job.’ No, it’s, ‘I’ll get that for you.’ It’s a family environment and we all work together.”

Gray also mentioned getting acquainted with Acura’s line of acclaimed vehicles in saying, “It’s really a beautiful product. I’ve enjoyed learning about Acura, and all of the technology that goes into making their line so revered.”

When Gray isn’t working to get customers the best deal on a dream car, you can catch her playing golf or watching a Packers game with her fiancé. She also loves to spend time with her family whenever she is up in Green Bay, all of whom share her love for the Packers as well.

“My dad used to play for the Packers,” Gray proudly said. “Johnnie Gray; he played for the Packers from 1975 until 1984. He’s in the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame! So whenever I am home, my family and I go to a Packers game.”

For more information about Muller Acura of Merrillville, go to www.mulleracuraofmerrillville.com.

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